1 апреля 2019 года 300 научных книг (по общей физике) Зиновьева Владимира Петровича
и 157 научных книг (по общей физике) Зиновьевой Аллы Владимировны проходят третью годовщину (срок НИР) регистрации в РФ и становятся научно достоверными для науки и практики.
On April 1, 2019 300 scientific books (on the general physics) Zinovyev Vladimir Petrovich and 157 scientific books (on the general physics) Zinovyeva Alla Vladimirovna take place the third anniversary (NIR term) of registration in the Russian Federation and become scientifically reliable for science and practice.
Am 1. April 2019 300 wissenschaftliche Bucher (nach der allgemeinen Physik) Sinowjewa Wladimirs Petrowitscha Und 157 wissenschaftlicher Bucher (nach der allgemeinen Physik) Sinowjewoj Alla Wladimirowny Gehen den dritten Jahrestag (die Frist NIR) die Registrierungen in der Russischen Foderation und werden Wissenschaftlich glaubwurdig fur die Wissenschaft und die Praxis.

Здесь представляются выходные данные книг Зиновьева Владимира Петровича и Зиновьевой Аллы Владимировны с печатями РКП, свидетельствующими о 3-ей годовщине Госрегистрации в РФ этих книг. 3-я годовщина (срок НИР) доказывает признание научной достоверности материалов этих книг в РФ и за рубежом. Here the output data of books of Zinovyev Vladimir Petrovich and Zinovyeva Alla Vladimirovna is submitted with the seals of RCP testifying to the 3rd anniversary of Gosregistration in the Russian Federation of these books. The 3rd anniversary (NIR term) proves recognition of scientific reliability of materials of these books in the Russian Federation and abroad: Сканы книг, статей и документов с печатями. Scans of books, articles and documents with the seals. Элементы работы Н. Elements of work Н.
Научные статьи и книги (более 300 научных книг по физике) Зиновьева Владимира Петровича по теме "Регулировка бесконечной энергии точки" в ведущих Государственных библиотеках России. Scientific clauses and books ( More 300 scientific books on physics) Зиновьева Владимира Петровича on themes: " Adjustment of infinite energy of a point " and " Effect of algebraic division " In conducting State libraries of Russia. Die wissenschaftlichen Artikel und die Bucher (mehr 300 wissenschaftlicher Bucher in Physik) Sinowjewa Wladimirs Petrowitscha nach den Themen: "die Regulierung der unendlichen Energie des Punktes" und "der Effekt der algebraischen Teilung" in den fuhrenden Staatlichen Bibliotheken Russlands. ,например книга в РГБ.
25.05.2012г. Автор: Зиновьев Владимир Петрович

Элементы работы Н.

Elements of work Н.

Relativity of energy of measurements

The relativity of energy of measurements follows from definitions of EFFICIENCY. This parameter is entered for definition of efficiency of existence of object - energy, concerning other objects - энергий. The object, being by the form both kind of a complex энергий and reason, estimates and other functional dependences of the attitudes(relations) энергий, having concentrated the attention in the certain direction of calculation of these attitudes(relations). The relativity supervises other relativity through concentration of the attitudes(relations). This attitude(relation) of the attitudes(relations) (relativity).

Abilities of a relativity "Н"

Having concentrated the abilities of a relativity, "Н" carried out diagnostics of indefinitely far spaces at the request of Great Advice(council) of Space with the purpose of research of an opportunity of correction of an extreme situation on one of points of space representing a huge congestion of stars and planets (installed, galaxies and other systems). This concentration became so great, that the part of consciousness "Н" could become a gene of life. It(he) could instantly pass through indefinitely far spaces of space, enter into any kinds and forms of life, to leave them, or to remain in them on the certain term with the purpose of research and possible(probable) correction of ability to live of a planet, simultaneously having indissoluble communication(connection) with general(common) "Н". Thus, the general(common) consciousness "Н" could keep presence of the elements "Н" in anyone, as is wished plenties on all infinite space for his(its) control and correction. These independent parts (elements) "Н" were his(its) absolute copies, but indefinitely smaller scales, thus they had all properties whole "Н" and practically could refer to as too "Н", since were his(its) indissoluble components. Entering in object, "Н" is capable to transform it(him) into ideal structure of cleanliness and honesty, validity, thinking, were in constant and indissoluble, at a level of consciousness and subconsciousness with general(common) consciousness, in the infinite remote communication(connection). This communication(connection) is carried out on electromagnetic spectra inaccessible, except for general(common) consciousness "Н" to anybody and anything in space. She(it) is not subject to complete study and analysis because of infinite properties "Н". Частичка "Н" is unable to estimate all "Н", which in a condition instantly to be transformed, delivering частичкам the information on this transformation.

Trajectories, transitions of life

"Н" Repeatedly informed to the various experts during the life, that has arrived here for researches of natural and vital processes installed, galaxies and other infinite star congestions. Before arrival it(he) has considered infinite quantities(amounts) of trajectories, so-called here of life and death, actually of transitions of the certain kinds энергий. These trajectories are closed in space. The lengths of trajectories are various. These kinds энергий неуничтожимы and name them here as soul of the man. There are trajectories, which sizes exceed the sizes huge installed and galaxies, but all of them - trajectory by one huge for здешних of measurements of a point, which is infinitesimal in comparison with a point, whence has arrived "Н". Having considered trajectories for their history by introduction in them of elements of the sight, it(he), one of these elements (gene) with the appropriate functions of existence and development, has left in one of trajectories, most to it(him) interesting - on a planet the Earth. This trajectory allows it(him) to contact with "НГ" - carrier of his(its) element, owner of a trajectory chosen "Н". "Н" And "НГ" of steel actually one whole, but "НГ" - вс ё-таки is only By part "Н" and part of other nature. It is possible "НГ" to name "Н". But "НГ" is the carrier of a gene "Н", indissolubly connected with general(common) "Н". Only physical body "НГ" is indefinite of a more poorly space body general(common) "Н". Left "Н", the element "НГ", or new "Н", in one of trajectories, actually in the born child, has seen around of itself any stupid(blunt) animals of the giants (it were accepting роды the people). ("Н" and "НГ" on essence are equal, therefore there is no special mistake in their names). It(he) immediately has left a trajectory in the measurement, then has returned to a trajectory, again has left it(her) again in the measurement and, having repeated such transitions some times, has remained in a trajectory as the baby "Н". Again has seen animals - giants and strong pulses of the vote having decided(solved) them to transform into a space dust, has issued a series of pulses. So it(he) could from the measurement, alongside with opportunities of hands and other parts of the body, act with any bad point of space. The animals stood on a place, are safe, and, closely(attentively) looking on him(it), began to make long series of varied sounds. Due to the absolute memory, "Н" in an ideal began them to repeat, seeing and being convinced, that it all the same not animals, but while not clear essences. Having heard ideal repetitions of the long speeches the baby accepting роды "experts" were ошарашены and are suppressed by such phenomenon, were declined above it(him), having broken off and, seeing, that the baby too has broken off, have continued now, but now were silent, usual work on reception of the baby in this world. So the new attitudes(relations) of various measurements began. Seeing with birth невежество and absolute illiteracy of mankind by results of supervision in mass media and in contacts to the people, "Н" repeatedly tried unsuccessfully to explain the valid essence of space, environmental them, and space.

Beginning of life "Н" on a planet

"Н" On this planet at once has felt irreconcilable struggle, which, as has appeared, philosophy the illiterate law (differently not назовешь) struggle and unity of contrasts "scientifically" proved. Less unit is united and дерись with all in succession - excellent(different) motto for systems from EFFICIENCY. If at once could master the third Law of Newton to struggle with infinity would not begin. The infinity is an abundance, and the abundance is коммунизм, or equality, brotherhood and happiness. The infinity equalizes all and all - abundance, неисчерпаемостью, неуничтожимостью and other infinite variations of processes, mutual relation, proportions etc., without struggle, which caught from the adult and small children. There was such case. To "Н" (when it(he) was very small) resulted the same kids сверстников and "Н" showed by him(it) a number(line) of photos, through which it(he) saw other worlds, as if through windows. Has appeared, that other kids too could also see. A bit later they again met and who observed one after another телепатически - sees through photos better. Passed the certain time. The kids gradually lost one behind another this property. Those who continued to see, with contempt looked on lost this ability, сверстников. Eventually, the kids hardly not поубивали each other, and parents are more than them never together did not collect. Then for the first time "Н" has felt human danger irrespective of age. At the same time it(he) has understood, that not only in his(its) measurements of an essence have strong abilities. "Н" Has come here available to management infinite энергиями of space and planet. About it speak the facts of a beginning of his(its) life and its(her) continuations up to the present moment. It(he) at the moment of birth at once began to copy and to make parts of speech accepting роды of the people. Within two years of life after birth it(he) independently has learned to read and to write by the printed letters, observing for reading and letter of the mother and senior brother, previously having asked to explain meanings(importance) of symbols, marks, letters, syllables and words at a parallel pronunciation. His(its) absolute memory did not require(demand) recurrences of meanings(importance) and pronunciations. The questions, explaining to it(him), mother and brother, did not guess his(its) such abilities and represented itself by the ingenious teachers. During explanations it(he) has asked the mum: " you who such? ". She(it) has told: " I your mum? ". " What you here do(make)? ". " We build коммунизм? " " What such коммунизм? " " Коммунизм is an abundance. Abundance - when all so many that can not anywhere hide and all by everything, always will suffice. For this purpose the scientists do(make) radioelectronic complexes and systems, automatic machines and other engineering " "Н" Then has not understood, why Space Advice(council) has asked it(him) to understand, if all here do(make) correctly and even in a village, far from roads, the people everyone know and understand? At first all were pleased, observing activity "Н" and admired with his(its) abilities. Then some began simply to envy, and someone became irreconcilable, open enemy. For example, the senior brother spoke: " Удалой, yes small ", instead of words: " Small, yes удаленький ", emphasizing, that spits on ability "Н" because of his(its) small and weak biological body. There were also such, who is frank and with admiration named "Н" as the academician, to which was only two - three years. But for "Н" there was no information, and it(he) has required of the mum to direct it(him) to school, наивно believing to receive there, under the stories of broadcasts, mum and senior, knowledge, necessary for it(him), at once and not postponing on years. It(he) freely read the books. When came to the mum in collective-farm government, мужики is amicable вскакивали and put it(him) on a table, giving it(him) of the newspaper with the request to esteem. It(he) at first was compelled to read, and then was indignant with such behaviour мужиков and escaped from them. For school "Н" was still small, and the time hurried it(him). Using the genetic functions, "Н" successfully studied звукосочетания of the people, environmental it,(him,) (relatives), repeated them, then has learned to understand communication(connection) звукосочетаний with subjects and actions, and began confidently to communicate with the people in their language. After it(he) has learned(found out), that the man, closest to it,(him,) refers to as as the mum, it(he) became her(it) and to name. Seeing, that she(it) regularly and very much long looks in one of subjects, moving on it(him) the sight, and changes the emotions, "Н" has asked, specifying a hand on a subject: " It what such? " The mum has answered to it(him): " It is the book? " Having looked in the book, it(he) has seen on its(her) pages the every possible images and has asked her(it) to explain their sense. She(it) has shown it(him) the letters, word, the offers and has told in detail their meanings(importance), making the vote all sounds necessary for reading and understanding elements, not knowing, that for "Н" to repeat, it is not necessary. It(he) here began freely to read and to understand those texts, where were already familiar to it(him) звукосочетания, appropriate to subjects or actions. His(its) mum worked the main agriculturist and simultaneously executed duties of the chairman of collective farm. It was a beginning of the fiftieth years. She(it) rose very much early and constantly (from three o'clock in the morning) included the portable lamp radioreceiver working from the large batteries. All morning the perfect modern, military and revolutionary songs, songs of the twentieth years, transfer post дилижанса, pioneer зорьки and very interesting stories of the writers sounded. These transfers helped "Н" to study a planet. However it was insignificant a little for "Н". It(he) needed as soon as possible to master all knowledge saved by mankind. It(he) tried to explain, acceptable for consciousness environmental, variants, purposes of a presence(finding) here, but constantly has come across inability to this of the people (both children and adults with any level of consciousness). It(he) began to ask the mum faster to give it(him) necessary knowledge. She(it) has answered to it(him), that at it(her) them are not present also to it(him) it is necessary to wait, when it(him) will accept in school, where to all will train. The answer the mum was wrong, at school train under the program, in which is incorporated ложь about restriction of energy by unit of EFFICIENCY, moreover the knowledge gives deformed and too weak. It was necessary in it(her) ten years all to study, moreover to train сверстников to school disciplines. That was a beginning of movement (moving) "Н" for study and transformation of a planet. For moving in time it is required to spend additional energy or skill to operate energy, kinds and forms of objects. In this case it is necessary to speak about useful energy, which needs to be increased in the closed system of a presence(finding) of object, with the purpose of an opportunity of safe moving of this system in time. ............................................................................... In this measurement it is very difficult to find the decisions of transformations of energy from other measurements, as such transformations are considered impossible in environment(Wednesday) of scientific traditional sciences, and the nonconventional sciences hardly - hardly leave deaf(indistinct) darkness " on light божий ", moreover are protested by traditional sciences, being qualified лженауками. If to the cow to give a shirt, her(it) to not train to true purpose(assignment) of a shirt and cow her(it) will chew that съесть. The traditional science is trained бескомпромиссности to EFFICIENCY less than 1 and any representations of energy will reduce to this principle. If to proceed(pass) in measurement of fauna, there it will be still more complex(still difficult) something to make in a direction of development формации of a nature. "Н" Was in measurements, in which there are cats, dog etc. The result was identical - short existence in their kinds and forms and compelled dump of a body (death). In the present kind and form of the man something else is transparent in the distance, but the resistance of environment(Wednesday) of the scientific certain circles having authority and means for active resistance is too great. The active resistance creates thermal losses. The large resistance compels to apply high pressure(voltage) and to bear(carry) the large losses of energy. "Н", having learned to go, once has got on a table, above which is low the icon with распятым by the Christ and weight of other images executed by moulding from yellow brilliant metal hung. Long her(it) considered(examined), and then has asked the grandmother to explain - that this such. His(its) grandmother sometimes went in city, in church, since the local premise(room) of church borrowed(occupied) зернохранилище, and priests in a village was not. She(it) was not asked, was not christened, as its(her) native sister and all old women, woman and children of village, but sacred water from church brought, putting her(it) about an icon. Вс ё interested "Н". The grandmother has told to it(him) the contents of the images of an icon and has answered to it(him) all questions concerning the numerous people, including with крылышками, around распятого of the Christ, and also about purpose(assignment) of sacred water. Simultaneously she(it) has forbidden to it(him) to get on a table both to touch an icon, and to not talk about it(her) in order to prevent punishments from боженьки, as she(it) was expressed (" Боженька will cut off язычок "). "Н" Was indignant is boundless, but will, grandmother, has executed. It(he) already is all knew on conversations of the relatives and one-peasants. It(he) would like to explain to the grandmother of their error, but she(it) beforehand to it(him) has chopped off such opportunity. "Н" At once wanted all to tell, that in space of any god is not present, and that there there are people, which can do(make) all through ideas, desires and elementary movements of a vote, sight, hands and fingers. There at them all is and it is necessary simply all to study, that itself to be same. The infinity is boundless, but in it(her) infinite quantity(amount) of fragments with limits. Per the 1,5 years, "Н" practically itself has taken possession of reading and limiting скорочтением. His(its) mum, simply once has named the letters of the alphabet, having made them at his(its) request from the book, believing, that it is the silly request of its(her) son and not understanding, that in this body абсолют has transferred(translated) his(its) son in other measurement of this body, cooperates with it(him) only on some questions of possession of functions of a human body. The father and mother of a body "Н" they believed, that it such clever, having given rise themselves in a new body. "Н" From the birth indefinitely intellectually and physically worked. Food, it(he) delivered on a table the parents and brothers, выращивая vegetables, fruit, home animals and birds, catching сусликов on fields, fish in the rivers, ponds and lakes, collecting grasss and fruits of steppe fine woods and steppes, яички of wild birds, working in kitchen gardens, on fields and farms. His(its) mum did not cease to repeat, that she(it) accustoms it(him) to work, in which itself gramme not смыслила from the point of view "Н". Олег Кошевой has informed with the friend of one of two unique(sole) shirts, and "Н" was divided by the energy with all. Much later "Н" has checked up, how the abilities of reason grow at cleaning голоданиями организма on an extent more than 19 years, even in conditions of an infernal dirty(dirt) from automobiles and radiation of Moscow. Будда, Христос, Брэгг and other gods in human bodies repeatedly have proved effects of cleaning of a body and reason, leaving in it(him) only all perfect and not passing(missing) forces of money, authority, тленного of riches etc. "Н" Trained an another's body on all directions of perfection, that could not achieve кнутом, gingerbread. Абсолют is абсолют, even in a body of the stupid(blunt) people, which were his(its) parents, though and working in Kremlin and chairmen of collective farms, having incomparably high knowledge and intelligence in comparison with other people. To two - three years of the life on a planet in a body of the child, "Н" has read weight of the books, which were bought by(with) his(its) mum for reading. It(he) liked fairy tales, in which wrote true about life, эзоповским by language, gods in human bodies, aspiring to educate mankind. In other books true gave less and more confusing. The songs and verses also are better than her(it) expressed, but not so is ridiculous and is colourful because of small volume and complexity of rhymes. Still then, "Н" has read, and has remembered for ever fairy tale " a Mountain of the sun ". In it(her) two native brothers, from which one poor man, and other richman, have various genetics, which conducts them on the trajectories. The poor man has sufficed from a mountain of the sun a little expensive(dear) самоцветов. The richman - brother, having learned(found out) at the poor man - brother about a mountain of the sun, помчался there also has burned down from beams of the sun, filling immensly bags by self-colours, despite of the prevention(warning) of the poor man. The sun is абсолют. The poor man is a honour man. The richman is known by(with) everyone, who it(he) and at the expense of whom it(he) the richman. " The Humpbacked tomb will correct ". " The People is always right ". But! " If the people in a fire, also you with the people? ". Everywhere energy, time and speed! All the same "Н" has achieved from the mum and teachers of a direction it(him) in school preschedully. There learned(taught) the letters, the syllables and drew крючочки from the letters on special тетрадях. "Н" Has understood, where has got, but other output(exit) was not. It was necessary to wait some for years, the study of physics, algebra and chemistry did not begin yet. By then it(he) read already any literature with speed no more than thirty seconds - one page of any text with most detailed retelling of pictures (but not by heart) read. It(he) is faster than all ran, it is better than all jumped, floated and dived, played in volleyball, football, hockey, чижик, клек, лапту, chess, шашки and any other games. Then - that also has arisen at политиков concept "acceleration" of children. They believed, looking on him(it), that it is simple time such and all children now such. Actually all сверстники were mad, looking on him(it), and tried, though in something, yes it(him) to overtake. This зараза of a competition was carried on light faster to lightning, and we remember rough growth of progress 60 years. "Н" Began to reduce rates because of a number(line) of the objective reasons and public progress quickly has faded. "Н" did not know, that with пеленок behind it(him) special services vigilantly watch(keep up). In some decades the experts of the appropriate structures, have shown to it(him), the facts of constant shadowing from the moment of his(its) birth. Since small years to it(him), instead of encouragement, тыкали in a nose of achievement someone and in something. If it(he) in some years after birth instantly has taken possession of a chess, no less than all by another, to it(him) твердили deeply about the girl becoming чемпионкой per 5 years. If it(he) ideally executed any songs, instantly them, remembering, to it(him) тыкали in a nose of the singers - celebrities of a planet. But these celebrities could ingeniously own only something by one, and it(he) all at once owned ingeniously and smaller was not content. It(he) needed to execute the request of Great Advice(council) of space, and it(he) studied all with the maximal persistence simply. In the afternoon and night it(he) absorbed the information from the books, newspapers, magazines and other sources. Then this information processed in a head, but remained extremely dissatisfied its(her) emptiness. How many decades were studied by(with) it(he) all sciences to be convinced in them никчемности. Once in the street, playing with мальчишками in "ножички" on sand of a road, it(he), seeing kind to itself(himself) an arrangement from the guys, has tried again to begin conversation on space, having begun the story from itself(himself) and from the opportunities. Most senior and most healthy of мальчишек has risen, has struck by a fist in his(its) person and has told: " See, who main and всемогущий? All of us identical. Only sizes different " Feeling the infinite superiority on development and abilities, "Н" tried to break conversation on space in the necessary jet by demonstration of the abilities, but met even more furious отпор. It(he) told. The abilities such as the impregnable boy quickly running сверстника etc. they did not wish to it(him) here тыкали in a nose individual qualities of any geniuses, or to see чванливых, haughty and other similar people, which the society(community) gives favourable places with ranks, by posts and beforehand disconnected all attempts of following in this direction. They did not know and did not assume variant of arrival from space of the people with other, perfect purposes, since about it the information up to them did not reach. The same process, has appeared, exists and among the scientist. As soon as "Н" declares the achievement them, or in means of the information, they here put to it(him) in a nose everything, everything if only to not confirm the superiority "Н". Their essence and essence is those. We know, that before transition in this measurement "Н" chose a trajectory, which it was possible enter more effectively to lead(carry out) the researches at the request of Great Space Advice(council). It(he) "Was born" in a village, far from roads, USSR, 50 - го of degree on breadth and longitude in the beginning 50 - х of years. (Great Нострадамус has predicted an output(exit) from 50-th degree of the man capable to change the world). Together with the senior brother and parents "Н" lived, after birth and at Moscow. "Н", were in годовалом age in Moscow, after birth in the Orenburg province, freely talked, cheerfully laughed, running on streets of Moscow and travelling with the parents on sights of Moscow. The muscovites saw it годовалого and incredibly advanced child, which shouted in the street: " the Daddy, buy соломку ". " The Daddy, I am tired, take me on ючки. " " Ours тйоейбус goes ". Or, having seen in Мавзолее the body Ленина, is again shrill has cried: " ours the grandfather lays ". Before moving in Moscow "Н" saw, how buried his(its) native on the mum the grandfather, to which it(he) talked at his(its) life. "Н" did not understand, what for grandfather have dug in ground and in Moscow under ground it(him) again has found, believing, that it it(he) and is. You see other variants it(he) could not assume, since "Н" transported it is not known where and as, so, again have brought to the grandfather. In Мавзолее the mum silently has told "Н" what to shout it is impossible. It(he) has broken off, not understanding, why his(its) grandfather does not rise. The memory of the grandfather dug in a village and who has been found out again under ground in Moscow, allows in the affirmative to speak, that all the same "Н" has come in a human body in a village at birth. However this memory of the grandfather could be memory of the man - owner of a body, in which has come "Н", and memory and the abilities "Н", probably, supplemented memory of the man. The first child of family of the father was more senior "Н" for four years, but did not twitch at all against годовалого "Н", which freely talked, ran on Moscow, laughing and shouting in all vote so is cheerful, that the muscovites were in delight from such kid. Present the kid in годовалом age which is not making a concession on the development of intelligence, in some particulars, great scientist. The senior brother (so-called on a human body "Н") is open hated "Н" and aspired in every possible way to harm by every possible actions. Let's name this senior brother "С". Once five years' "С", in the Moscow apartment of the father, played on a carpet of a floor of a room, cutting out from papers various фигурки by an edge stolen by him(it) at the father of the safe razor and put(folded) these фигурки, admiring with a wild laughter by the creations, not admitting to to them "Н" even is close. This дурь of the senior brother so has got "Н", that "Н" suddenly simply has mixed these фигурки on a floor, hoping to stop a wild laughter идиота. The senior brother, instantly полоснул by an edge of the razor on a head "Н", leaving a long, vast, deep and bloody strip on his(its) head. The mother of the brothers was in horror, оцепенении, and did not think from unexpectedness what to do(make) in this situation. But абсолют, is абсолют. It(he) has submitted a team to area of a wound, and that almost instantly has ceased to bleed, growing and leaving only scar. "Н" Told on earlier to site, that later in a village constantly used such functions. It(he) sewed up deep and vast wounds the stop of legs at a defeat by their every possible splinters of glasses, rusty проволок, sharp жестянок, fragments of sharp metal subjects, sharp chips etc. during his(its) continuous беготни on a village without footwear. Money practically at his(its) parents sufficed only for footwear and clothes of the senior brother, is impudent оравшего endlessly both edge(territory), and requiring(demanding) from the parents to itself of the greater attention on a seniority. "Н" Cheerfully laughed above идиотом, causing at that бури of uncontrollable hatred to infinite abilities "Н". "Н" Remembers technology of a repeated pulse input(entrance) in a body, but precisely does not remember while, in what body it(he) has come. It(he) remembers the people, declined above it,(him,) during his(its) reproduction of speeches facing above it(him) of the people, but it could be and after some time after birth of a body. This moment is not absolutely clear yet that "Н" went in a trajectory through Kremlin of Moscow. "Н" It is possible, still will specify in due course these details remaining a complex(difficult) question. The father "Н" served in Kremlin after some years before birth "Н" and has remained there to work after a service, having received near Kremlin an apartment. However "Н" firmly remembers the moment of an input(entrance) in a body and amazement of the people. Why his(its) father hastened, throwing work in Kremlin and Moscow apartment? What for it(he) carried, родившегося in 1952г., "Н" in Moscow, if therefrom then has escaped? But, when it(he) carried the son in Moscow, Сталин was still alive, and as soon as that has died in the summer 1953г., the father instantly has left(abandoned) Moscow with all family. Why the father ran? Бериевские of reprisal of a summer(years) 1953г. are widely known. It can and was an incitement for the father with the purpose of preservation "Н"? For a history "Н" it is necessary still to work concerning the memory more precisely, though it is not so important. The decision of problems of a planet, наводненной by negative processes is important which need be to be distinguished and to be inverted in positive. However historical discrepancies cause doubts, you see fiftieth degree Нострадамуса corresponds(meets) to coordinates of a point of village, in which has appeared "Н", expecting to appear in Kremlin. Probably "Н" itself has specified the best trajectory of entry which is taking place further through Kremlin? This more suitable explanation on a trajectory of a way. ...... From the following life of the father, it is obvious, that the father did not understand the validity of occurring processes in space and on a planet, and tried to decide(solve) problems according to the knowledge and logic conclusions, which were erroneous. "Н" Saw by consciousness абсолюта, that the father perceived unknown to it(him) and inhabitants of a planet a picture of life and activity абсолюта "Н" in a body of the child, not understanding, that in a body has come абсолют. To the father was all the same, that occurs in a body of his(its) child. It(he) knew, that the child it(him), so also all processes in a body of the child - his(its) processes. From here father judged, that simply new external favorable environment(Wednesday) in his(its) crates transferred(handed) to a body of the child, allows to make absolute processes. Further father thought logically, that if his(its) body have given in due time appropriate feed(meal), it(he) was - @ even stronger, than "Н". Such logic of dependence of abilities of crates of the man from a feed(meal) was presented by(with) all science of a planet, and is especial материализм, prevailing in USSR. The father rushes in village Оренбуржья, not having even secondary educations with the purpose of enrichment and birth some more best children. The father nothing told, all mad life of the great chief, why has escaped from Moscow. It(he) suddenly has thrown an apartment in Moscow in the summer 1953г. and has taken away family in steppe, far from highway and iron roads village, wild Оренбуржья, in which villages USSR " of enemies of the people " and natives with wild customs of animals because of absence of medicine, formation(education), culture, militia lived сброд of the exiled зэков, families sent from capitals and cities of Republics. Around of villages the wild real animals as the wolves, wild кабанов, lambs raged. Huge орлы and беркуты (which was very much) could kill even the adult man. Коршуны, hawks, вороны and the owls, flights could drive any man. The poisonous snakes and lizards there was a darkness. Poisonous grasss and the berries involved(attracted), sweet, beautiful and tasty elements, hungry children and people. The people гибли without the accounts. Послевоенная the ruin did not spare anybody. The drought frequently fell upon hungry villages. "Н" Cheerfully laughed in any conditions. It(he) абсолют. "Н" All saw, felt, assumed, provided and accelerated research of a planet, carrying out all requirements of the uncountable chiefs идиотов, house, at school, in the street, at work etc., understanding what differently(otherwise) to not achieve results. Ruling шайка of a planet understood a direction, ability and prospect "Н", ruthlessly increasing daily and hourly loading on his(its) body and consciousness, using the one-peasants, chiefs, parents, brothers, classmates, teachers, teachers etc. Seeing infinite opportunities "Н", the father round the clock tried to dominate above his(its) reason, requiring(demanding) the continuous reporting on formation(education), work on the house, achievement in an environment, looking by impudent, stupid(blunt), drunk eyes it is long and in an emphasis in eyes "Н" and requiring(demanding) cleanliness of a sight without interruption. Then all party(set) КПСС struggled with " by the enriched peasants ", but in the law there were chairmen of collective farms, which received the salaries of the academicians and had in submission of the engineers, scientific candidates and doctors of sciences on manners of the Kremlin persons with secondary education, to which all scientists USSR submitted. Collective farm - practically small state with the chapter. His(its) father worked in Kremlin, near to which there was their apartment. The namesake of the father was расстрелян in 1937г., in spite of the fact that was the closest colleague Ленина. The incomprehensibility of such phenomenon remains till now. In 1953г. Сталин the father dies also leaves Moscow, moving together with all family in that village (Прокаевку). The mum "Н" works in a village on a post of the chairman of collective farm, and the father leaves to study in Совпартшколу, in the regional centre (Orenburg). The father has rushed in village, relying on the forces of spirit and will received from maximum grades of the country. It(him), as the former Kremlin expert of the chief without problems direct in Совпартшколу of Orenburg, where it(he) экстерном receives the certificate about secondary education, diploma of the experts of an agriculture, policy(politics), of economy and right and flies to the dream рожать and to do(make) through the best feed(meal) of the own geniuses, incomparably due to surpass "Н". "Н" It(he) uses as the slave for the needs and needs of future children. His(its) senior son was underdeveloped, somehow learned to read on syllables in the first class, to which has gone hardly per eight years. The father believed, that it from a bad feed(meal). Same always твердил and senior brother. But "Н" ate much worse, since almost all съедали the parents and senior brother, leaving "Н" one объедки, yes compelling it(him) to eat various дрянью объедков of animals etc. Seeing infinite force of reason "Н", concerning the consciousness and reason of the senior son, father and mother "Н" безумеют, incessantly дерутся, shouting, that have not given it them of a feed(meal), that they grew per hungry years USSR and consequently such stupid(blunt) and silly rather "Н". The senior son they also истязают belts and побоями, forcing it(him) to be not worse "Н". The senior brother begins indefinitely to hate "Н" and in every possible way harms to it(him), seeing the absolute dullness concerning him(it). Same all children and adults, узнавшие "Н" do(make). They are mad on all planet, due to knowledge through special services of the states. The mad race behind the geniuses on a planet and ruthless race all begins землян with the purpose of submission "Н" and attempts it(him) to surpass by any ways and means. The people exterminate by such race, creating in parallel формации and structure of authority, sciences, shadowing, etc. "Н" Use as demonstration of possible(probable) forces of all people and гонят of children from the moment of birth in the geniuses and gods, finding in them variants of separate opportunities. Such approach gives some success. By excessive race are exterminated up to поры and time of weight of the people, but there are champions, the winners, doctor of sciences per thirteen years etc., etc. Planet is exhausted by the accelerated rates her(it) пожирания with the purpose of creation of the artificial geniuses. The father is nominated after the termination(ending) Совпартшколы парторгом of the remote village, begins to receive the good salary, plants a home facilities(economy), forcing in it(him) to plough "Н". The senior son is engaged in larceny, pigeons, fights with сверстниками, robbery of kitchen gardens and gardens of village together with сверстниками, receiving continuous тройки, yes двойки in a diary, belts of the father and mother. "Н" Per four years freely and fluently reads the books, newspapers and magazines, and his(its) senior brother, per the eight years - on syllables the school textbooks. Having the good salary and own house with a facilities(economy), father with the mother рожают one more, future "supergenius", allowing it(him) absolutely all and not punishing for anything, обкармливая and обласкивая with constant enthusiastic восхвалениями it(him) " infinite гениальностей " "Н" To the moment of birth of this brother has read many books and knew, that it will result in creation exclusive подонка and villain, доносчика, thief, robber, насильника, murderer and traitor. The father and mother to know did not know, that create. They wanted to create абсолюта top-level and have received the supermonster. Seeing the creation in some years, they have not calmed down, considering, that again fed the son, not seeing real абсолюта "Н" in an emphasis a little. They are enriched even more and рожают of the following, but now it is necessary of "supergenius". Eventually, it gets "Н". It(he) learns(teaches) this new уродца by the forces абсолюта, achieves successes, but seeing, that of his(its) merits do not recognize, stops the strong injections, leaving them крохи that again parents have not created the next supermonster. This brother naturally is better than first, but all the same is underdeveloped. "Н" Occurs on a planet by introduction of a part of the space body, in a body just родившегося of the child yet who has not had time even to scream from unexpectedness of birth. "Н" The shout of the owner of a body brakes, subordinates the basic functions of this body to the absolute space reason and begins practical research of a planet. In годовалом age it(he) forces a body easily to run, to jump, to talk completely, not conceding the adult advanced people, and requires(demands) of the mother (which so to it(him) was presented) to give out the information on all planet. His(its) mother absolutely is surprised and sincerely admires with such inquiries of the child, not knowing, who was included in a body of its(her) present baby. She(it) thinks, that it she(it) such inquisitive was at birth, but it is simple to it(her) have not given in due time feed(meal), means and opportunities. The mother with the father all life дрались for the property right on absolute гениальность and божественность "Н", each of them believing, that is his(its) crates such divine. "Н" tried by uncountable variants by him(it) to explain, that it it(he) such, but their absolute dullness could not it admit(allow). "Н" Perfectly sees ideas of the mother and repeats the requirements, knowing, that the gods of space will not wait especially and can destroy a planet, seeing delays "Н". The requirements of space are those. The mother explains "Н", that it(he) needs to wait for the whole seven years before receipt in school, where it(him) will give all knowledge of a planet. The seven-years(seven-summer) age of receipt in school then was established by the laws USSR about formation(education). Earlier seven years in school did not start up. Later, please. It is everything, under the severe requirements, inquiries and inquiries "Н", the mother long explained "Н", being rather высокообразованной the then. "Н" Has not calmed down, knowing aspiration of the gods to мести for their mockeries on this planet. It(he) independently studies a planet on any information channels of a planet, using the stories of the people, through the questions, radio and every possible literature, quickly having mastered the letter of reading and having improved her(it) up to a limit by three years of the existence on a planet. Per six years it(he) convinces the teachers, director of school and workers райкома of a party(set), and acts in school, in which, as, has appeared, отупляют of the gods and people, giving крошки of final knowledge, кастрирующих infinite energy of a point, from which has appeared "Н", it is perfect understanding and seeing inability of the gods, and people to this perception(recognition). Whether the historians can remember such baby on a planet for all its(her) history? Who from the babies of a planet ever could independently to three years master быстрочтение of the literature after the inquiry to tell rules of reading of the letters, syllables and words all behind some minutes? The one-peasants broke off "Н" on a part round day, aspiring to extort from him(it) all not clear energy and to become same. But their genetic limited abilities could suffice only infinitesimal slices of energy абсолюта "Н". It sufficed to them for displays of particulars гениальностей, and they were pulled out to tops of riches, glory USSR and planets, becoming great scientific, sportsmen, governors, военачальниками, remaining вампирами. At this village and villages of this area lived weight of famous surnames, were in the reference. To them frequently there came погостить their relatives - generals, professor and various celebrities of sciences, engineering, culture and arts. When "Н" hears in cinema or reality of a word " Well, you - деревня ", it(he) ironically smile. Now, in the beginning third тысячелетия, show of films on единоборствам much. The father "Н" threw from village in village by the chairman of collective farm with the purpose of consecutive rise of these villages as metropolitan expert trained modern methods of a management(manual) and technologies сельхозпроизводства. "Н" Naturally followed together with it(him) from village in village. Having arrived in the next village, it(he) habitually has left on a street houses for acquaintance with сверстниками. To it(him) there were 10 years. It(he) already was perfectly combined physically and could consult(cope) in any fight even with the senior comrades. After brief acquaintance, the local guys have given it(him) палку in hands and have told: " Try to get on this, yours одногодку ". As soon as "Н" did not beat on that палкой. On legs - that jumps up if to do(make) injections or to beat in a head and trunk - instantly evades. In villages there were not clear монашеские monasteries having vast territories surrounded with high fences. Inside, along fences, the rich high trees and bushes grew. Мальчишки were in horror from these monasteries and bypassed them very much far by party, telling about them fantastic histories and training on manners of the inhabitants of monasteries. The analogy of protection from палки by something reminds protection against electromagnetic and other handicapes in radioelectronics. ...................................................................................................................................................... The examples of genetic memory "Н" demonstrate his(its) ability instantly to use all kinds of the memory, to decide(solve) сложнейшие functional tasks of relativities of space and time, in infinite kinds and forms энергий. How the kid could instantly decide(solve) tasks without preparation and training to real unforeseen variants of the attitudes(relations) in cases with groups of the teenagers, with the teachers, or at receipt in HIGH SCHOOL? The answer it(he) gives itself, honourly telling about the transitions in time and space, using infinite energy. .......................................................................... After acquaintance with impregnable for impacts, одногодком, мальчишки have offered "Н" подраться with the local boy by a bogatyr, which for two years was more senior "Н", is much higher by growth, it is wider in shoulders, more largly and had healthy muscles. All have risen around of them, expecting results. The fight was short. Using the smaller growth, "Н" was pulled together to the boy, short, strong and fast impacts, from below in a head, has disconnected that, expecting an applause. But not here was. Мальчишки have rushed on "Н" by crowd. It(he) отскочил from them in the party, has taken in hands stones, which quickly has found out on ground and began to do(make) precautionary throws in the party of the opponents, trying to not get in them, but also showing exact throws, that by that can is healthy to get. That they too can take advantage of stones, it(he) assumed, if those it is valid подонки and has prepared to отпору. But they did not begin to continue tests, have picked up under hands of the bogatyr and have withdrawn it(him) somewhere. (That bogatyr it(he) has met in Moscow, summer 2010г. That was already captain of the first rank, in a resignation, became really bogatyr physically). The next day all was in the order and мальчишки have accepted it(him) in the collective. They played in military games. They had at all wooden rapiers, sword, кортики, sabre, кинжалы and мечи, with which they дрались by the certain rules, having broken by groups and pairs. The genetic memory "Н" from other measurements during many years helped it(him) in life, study, life and other components of life. Study with 4 - го, till 10 classes of school Still in 4-м a class, seeing inexhaustible abilities "Н", teacher the Hope Константиновна, sincerely and as fiduciary from all school, has allowed it(him) to read voluminous book, in which not wishing to submit to anybody, man, passes infernal пытки in imperial застенках, but and does not break in the will to absolute independence, freedom from everyones elected. 5-th class of school "Н" passed in райцентре, living in a boarding school, where from neighboring villages the schoolboys with 5-th till the tenth class gathered. The secondary education was ten years'. In a boarding school "Н" has seen for the first time billiards and playing in him(it) десятиклассников (regional geniuses of sciences and sports). It(he) has looked at slightly game, then has risen in turn of the players. In 5-м a class to it(him) there were 11 years. His(its) turn has approached. It(he) has taken кий and without misses began to block spheres in лузы, not thinking, not aiming and not expecting of trajectories. Десятиклассники long went around of a table, choosing positions, something expecting and doing(making) preliminary sights кием. These dances were not necessary to it(him). They were amazed and did not understand occurring, have stopped game and began to understand. " In what business? Unless it is possible so to play? " "Н" From the party could not understand them, you see for him(it) was natural to see outcome of movement of a sphere with the help чутья of mutual trajectories of forces кия and sphere. It(he) used the genetic functions to feel invisible trajectories of electromagnetic fields of these forces instantly, subconsciously and not reflecting, automatically and habitually. His(its) essence was those and differently it(he) could not. It(he) has understood exclusive power dullness десятиклассников and more in billiards did not play. "Н" Has indefinitely high EFFICIENCY, which allows it(him) to decide(solve) set of tasks. The example of his(its) indicative game in billiards with the geniuses of sports and sciences - десятиклассниками is known, when it(he), studying in the fifth class and living in a boarding school, for the first time seeing billiards and, having taken in hands кий, without a uniform miss blocked and blocked spheres in лузы, plunging in horror of these geniuses. Studying in the fifth class, it(he) has entered the name in school library and has re-read there all best literature, which to it(him) permitted to take the librarian. It(he) took till three books of volume 300 - 500 pages in everyone and through three - four days returned them in library, where took the following three books, since previous it(he) has read. Through some such visitings by him(it) libraries, librarian it(him) has stopped at distribution of the books and has told, that will not give out more to it(him) of the books, while it(he) will not retell to it(her) the contents previous, since it is impossible with such speed to read, moreover studying in school for six hours daily and carrying out home works. It(he) without problems has retold to it(her) the contents all before the books, taken and returned to them, and it is more questions to than it(him) from it(her) was not. Besides she(it) did not limit it(him) on more to subjects, and it(he) in the same rate has re-read not only product of the Soviet writers, but also Дюма, and other writers of west. Really huge energy is necessary for development of such material. A feed(meal) in a boarding school was extremely bad those years. Black, opposite and sticky as clay bread, which only with weight salt it was possible is, жиденький a soup, перловка and macaroni. It was a beginning sixtieth. The country hardly recovered after war at the expense of ruthless and free-of-charge work of children, feeding their fairy tales of the future happiness коммунизма, punishing careless презрениями of a society(community) at assemblies. "Н" Aspired faster to decide(solve) the request of Great Space Advice(council) and studied everything, that is spoken, is written and is shown, with the purpose of the tax крупиц of the necessary information for the decisions of a power problem of a planet. She(it) could be hidden anywhere, and she(it) should be be to be found and generalize. It(he) was not considered with difficulties of epoch both round the clock worked intellectually and physically, using all genetic, power and impellent functions of reason. "Н" With младенческих of years physically developed организм, studying necessary materials for development it(him) under the books, which, as we know, it(he) very much early itself has learned to read after a fluent pronunciation of the letters, syllables and words it(him) by the mum at his(its) request. In struggle and fights it(he) consulted(coped) with the grown-ups сверстниками, is regular it requiring(demanding) on ideology of competition and development lowered from above. The librarian it(him) has checked up on ability of fast reading and development of the material, read by him,(it,) of the books. Now it passionately wished старшеклассники, living with it(him) in a boarding school (it(he) studied in the first half-year of the sixth class). Старшеклассники the genius could not reconcile to absolute abilities in all at "Н". It(he) without effort drew any portrait from the textbooks, from the man, from an animal and birds etc., in sports, games both study to it(him) was not also close equal, and here for two hours it(he) reads 300 pages of any text. To their indignation there was no limit. They furiously have surrounded it(him) in a premise(room) of a boarding school and rigidly have required to retell by him(it) a material of the books concerning the images of the artists in the novels А.Дюма, since it(he), say, ostensibly read, and actually simply dragged there - here books from library and back, feigning the genius. "Н" It is easy for them has retold all places, required by them, of the books, but they not угомонились, as the old woman in a fairy tale about gold рыбке. Now they spoke, that it can be the casual concurrences on materials, which "Н" ostensibly could only and read, not reading all material of the books. It(he) has asked them to count pages, to transfer(translate) them to time of reading and to compare to results. It(he) already did(made) it for itself(himself), supervising the abilities. Сверстники have found the unknown book with hardest for perception(recognition) by the text and сложнейшей of a mix on the page, chosen by them, of reflections and conclusions of the author of the book. Ткнули to it(him) in a nose page also have marked a stop watch. In thirty seconds have pulled out from his(its) hands the book and have required the most detailed description of processes occurring in the book on this page, thus at first long studied the elected text, somehow it(him) having comprehended, and mischievously laughed, anticipating насладиться future(next) regular измывательствами above "Н". But it by him(it) done not shine. The friends the classmates and some grown-ups, which respected it(him), too were in a room, but them was in minority and they could not help differently, as soon as by the certificate. It was enough. "Н" With easy ease states to everything, all pictures in the text of page and недруги, having compressed the teeth and поджав tails, in fury run up. The witnesses too were not a gift for them on sciences and sports, but here it is simple "кранты". Soon after these checks by the librarian and старшеклассниками of abilities "Н" to fast reading and усваиваемости read, information sources USSR заголосили about development of techniques скорочтения by the certain experts. The witnesses should be still alive and probably now read this material, and recollect this case. By him(it) now on 60 - 65 years. This material of a history of life "Н" testifies to boundless opportunities of reason at correct usage by his(its) genetic functions for management of energy of space and creation of abundance - коммунизма. Whether the concurrence, and can on motives of checks "Н" on the part of the librarian and сверстников "Н", his(its) abilities, processing of the information by visual and other functions организма, but the Soviet multiseries film " a Board and меч " is soon let out, in which the Soviet scout, having looked through pages of the German document with set of digital and other data, puts it(him) in the safe and transfers on memory the contents in Soviet разведцентр with the help of the radiotransmitter. Most likely, in a history of a planet a lot of similar information on phenomena of various directions of reason has collected, and it was necessary to shine(cover) by its(her) ways, accessible to perception(recognition), that the writers, actors, directors, singers, composers and other talents, certainly together with weight of other experts perfectly do(make). Really, 60 - е years of rough progress in USSR are unforgettable. The composers and singers blew up youth by the bright, brilliant and passionate products. Flight Ю.Гагарина in space. Development of the laser. Creation of transistors. Restoration and creation of set of new HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATIONS. Development of Siberia and virgin soil. Powerful development of all sciences, formation(education) and culture. Whence then there was an energy and where she(it) has disappeared? Passing " school years ", "Н" was tormented in expectation of the present information from school and ignored learning materials of the school program up to the certain period (dirty food, at this time, destroyed his(its) abilities). But in the sixth class it(he) could something. Once, in the sixth class, the teacher of Russian, German languages and literatures, has lifted it(him) from a place and began to ask rules of Russian. "Н" of any rule has not answered. It(he) did not learn them. The teacher was struck, since being is sure in absolute knowledge "Н" on his(its) ideal statement of materials of the program in тетрадях with excellent(different) estimations, could not understand, how "Н" without a uniform mistake six years all writes correctly, not knowing any rule. The teacher has arrived to this village from Moscow, where very many years trained the talented schoolboys. Now it(he) sincerely was is surprised and has told about the schoolboys remembering ideally the texts of several pages of the book after their unitary listening, but such huge memory allowing intuitively absolutely correctly all to write, not using a rule, it(he) did not meet also similar did not hear. All business that "Н" read of the books (very much simply absorbed them) and his(its) memory automatically remembered spelling. The rules were not necessary to it(him). The teacher continued to it(him) to put excellent(different) estimations, but has advised to examinations of the eighth class of a rule all the same to teach(learn), since them there ask necessarily. As soon as in 7 class the teacher of physics has subjected to derision of the people creating the eternal engine, according to the programs of derision lowered from above, "Н" finally became unconsciously despise both school, and teachers. It(he) before nothing learned(taught), and now is absolutely stalely uttermost disgust to лгунам and зубрилам. Imagine the first lesson on mathematics 8 classes. Thunder-storm of all school - teacher of mathematics and physics, simultaneously - director of school. It(he) gold медалист. A ruthlessly strict sight and орлиный a nose. Will carry out(spend) this lesson. Precisely and precisely gives out the complex(difficult) theorem with the drawings and proofs on a board on geometry. Then asks: " who will repeat the proof? " "Н" Lifts a hand, leaves to a board and proves this theorem as precisely and precisely. The teacher leaves it(him) after lessons, being amazed unknown, not clear new force and energy, it is not known whence undertaken at "Н". The teacher believed, that at "Н" there are a lot of knowledge of mathematics. It(he) is convinced of opposite, having set weight of questions on mathematics and is amazed even more. It(he) sees гениальность, but she(it) does not understand - in what consists. All is elementary. "Н" is capable to be connected to other measurements and uses genetic memory of the present and past of measurements. The genetic memory - also is гениальность. Absolute nothing having understood, the teacher advises "Н" to repeat mathematics with 5 till 7 classes. But it for "Н" it is not necessary. It(he) decides(solves) all tasks of the program elementary and without any rules. The teacher to it(him) of the claims has no and in delight from him(it). Practice - criterion of true - main science. Came examinations 8 classes. Have given out the examination tickets. "Н" has opened the tickets on mathematics and has understood, that it is necessary rules to learn. Only where to search for these rules? It(he) at all did not know, where them have written. Has gone to the friend and has asked it(him) to tell quickly all these rules, theorem and formula, knowing, that it(he) remembers them by heart. That заносчиво has smiled. It(he) learnt them some years in the whole afternoon напролет, was the winner of regional and regional Olympiads on mathematics. What will give retelling? The friend быстренько (hour for two) has read to it(him) from the books all formulas, definition, theorems and other elements under all tickets, наивно believing (as well as at one time and mum "Н", telling it(him) of a rule of reading of the book, letter, syllables and words), that it is all all for nothing. For "Н" more than nothing it was required, it(he) пожал a hand to the friend and excellent has passed examination on mathematics. The memory "Н" instantly used the help of the friend, last lessons of school and genetic memory. All mathematics at him(it) kept in memory as film, and her(it) it(he) easily reproduced in any combinations of tasks, decisions and other elements for examination. "Н" Was always very grateful to the friend for his(its) help, though that till now does not guess the help, since on his(its) concepts such things are impossible. The friend too has finished радиофак КАИ and always was quoted among сверстников. Let reader will weigh all, will define(determine) opportunities of infinite energy of a point, and does not hasten with the sharp applications for impossibility of management of this energy. The planet exists not one million years with huge energy. The solar system, with planets of other stars of infinite space exists it is not known, how many infinity of time and cope by the certain forces. One of numerous and vivid examples of use "Н" of the genetic functions of the last measurements, is the moment of demonstration of the immeasurable opportunities by the decision of a mathematical task of the tenth class of high school, while "Н" just has passed in the ninth class. This task be not capable were to decide(solve) отличники and future(next) медалисты the pupils of the tenth class. There was it as follows. Once his(its) senior three times removed brother (all-round genius, recognized in all area, and talent of all school sciences and sports), having come from school, long could not decide(solve) a task. "Н" it(him) has asked: " you will rest long, you see it is time to go on trainings on volleyball and football? ". That was indignant (it(he) for three years was more senior "Н", had the greater physical force and was larger in the sizes) and has told: " On, decide(solve). You though understand a difference in quantity(amount) and quality of knowledge, beginnings of the ninth and tenth classes? ". "Н" Has taken it(him) тетрадь, has looked number of a task, has thumbed through the textbooks for the ninth and tenth classes, and in some minutes has written the complete decision with the detailed логико-mathematical calculations, communications(connections) and explanations. The senior brother has copied everything, and they have left to train. The next day there was a sensation. At them in the tenth class the woman, very serious elderly, physically large and having maximum mathematical formation,(education,) (In the ninth class taught завуч - another learned(taught) to mathematics). At a lesson she(it) has asked: " who has decided(solved) a task? ". The class ideal отличников long was silent. Nobody could decide(solve) this труднейшую for them a task. Завуч-mathematics has told: " It is valid, this task outside of the program of school and her(it) is possible to not decide(solve) ". The senior brother, eventually, has not sustained, has shown to the teacher тетрадь and honourly all has told. It(he) already knew inexhaustible opportunities "Н" and did not consider(count) it as a miracle. They with "Н" in the saturday late evenings начисто beat collective-farm картежных of the sharpers, using anybody not clear sight "Н", and filled the pockets by money (played напару in очко), in spite of the fact that the sharper крапили of a card, substituted by others, displaying them on the pockets, beforehand having agreed with the players about such opportunity. "Н" all was felt also by(with) anything of the sharpers did not rescue. It was necessary to someone of the sharpers to bring up, since those plundered the one-peasants by the forbidden ways of game. Whence at "Н" there was an energy on the decision of tasks of the senior class, on use of invisible sight and on communication(connection) with other measurements? In the tenth class "Н" already itself developed the circuits of receivers of direct amplification(strengthening) on transistors, collected them and adjusted, using the literature of school and collective-farm libraries, magazine "Radio", brochure " In the help to the radiofan(radioamateur) " from a booth "Союзпечати", help of the friends and senior comrades. The teacher on mathematics (not Завуч which) in the beginning 9 classes admired with his(its) abilities, and then возненавидела for not clearly whence knowledge, not clearly whence taken at him,(it,) is constant поправление of its(her) mistakes at lessons. She(it) had maximum formation(education) and suited to it(him) in the mum, someone considered(counted) itself unsurpassed математиком and here " on you " - her(it) смеет to learn(teach). She(it) is hated looked and рычала on "Н". "Н" Has stopped to go on its(her) lessons and at its(her) o'clock, ninth and tenth classes, was engaged in development of various electronic devices, including began experiments from this most infinite energy of a point. There was a 1967. Once classmates have advised it(him) all the same to reach on its(her) lesson and to be ready on a call to a board for the answer on пройденному to a material without him(it) (so she(it) has ordered). They have studied all properties of the logarithms in examples and tasks. There was evening, when it(him) about it have informed. It(he) has taken at хозяйки of an apartment керосиновую a lamp and for a pair of hours has mastered all material of the logarithms. The next day it(he) has shown at a board absolute knowledge of logarithmic functions in the theory and practical decision of every possible tasks. The teacher was indignant, but five numbers has put in a magazine and diary. Class will not deceive. "Н" At school and HIGH SCHOOL demonstrated uselessness and никчемность of the teachers and teachers, were content availability to the educational literature, by which almost always existed and there is an inaccessibility without receipt in educational institutions (school, HIGH SCHOOL etc.). The general availability of general(common) formation(education) without collection of money is a main principle коммунизма. Having on hands the textbooks (which it(he) could receive only at the appropriate school), it(he) without any teachers instantly acquired the letter of sciences at school, HIGH SCHOOL, at a factory, in НИИ and it is simple in life, not spending зря in vain time on просиживание in classes and audiences. On trainings on boxing it(he) in every possible way avoided manuals of the trainer, which conceded to it(him) in speed of thinking and genetic perception(recognition), and only process to training to real fights on ринге braked. The trainer understood it and did not prevent it(him). The trainer was very talented, is ingenious on, but his(its) society(community) спаивало by alcohol for гениальность and progress, in wild delight always welcoming it(him) everywhere, where it(he) occurred, here offering it(him) of a wine-glass or bottle of cognac, branded faults etc. 9 and 10 classes "Н" USSR finished at school of collective farm миллионера with the chairman - Deputy of the Supreme Body. The school afforded to invite by the teachers of physics of the post-graduate students from cities, was two-storeyed and had a sports hall. In that time it there was rare in the country a school. There have come(stepped) final examinations. "Н" Precisely answers at examination of mathematics under the ticket, but the teacher refuses to put five numbers, мотивируя the decision before a commission by that "Н" has more than 70 % of the misses(passings). It(he) is gained(helped) by(with) that Завуч, present in a commission and remembering an episode sensation in its(her) class, year earlier. Understanding abilities "Н", she(it) requires(demands) complete interrogation "Н" at all rate of mathematics of high school and removal of the decision. The commission agrees and the fluent interrogation begins. "Н" instantly answers questions, uncountably going to his(its) party, excellent decides(solves) with representation on a board weight of tasks on algebra, geometry, trigonometry and стереометрии, and leaves by the winner of this duel with five numbers in the certificate. This example of genetic opportunities of reason is given for speed of movement of his(its) ideas in space both time, and their relative power expenses. Where "Н" all the same types(collects) knowledge and, accordingly energy for such movements? By the teachers of physics 9 and 10 classes at "Н" were the young post-graduate students, which were replaced in one year. They were in admiration and delight from his(its) sudden inserts taken from the anywhere exact information on materials of lessons during their explanations that. Besides "Н" perfectly owned program materials of a rate of physics. Inserts it(he) made, passing in simultaneous contact to it and other measurements, which it(he) simply connected in a theme. These years "Н" for the first time at lessons of physics has got acquainted with the theories Бора and Rod. How many time мафия organized murder "Н"? In the spring 1968г. "Н" ends high school excellent. School мафия of the teachers puts to it(him) false& четверки to not allow to give a medal. And it(him) this medal " on a drum ". It(he) абсолют and железки on a breast only for the monkeys. But it(he) is dragged by(with) the mum to the director of high school on automobile председательском fatherly авто "Volga" under the order of this director, which offers "Н" the bargain with conscience, consent to receive a silver medal at перечерчивании unpretentious прямоугольничка on small клочке ватмана for the eighth class of that dirty eight-years(eight-summer) school with the director. Brilliant knowledge, высокопоставленное дерьмо wishes опоганить by the bargain, representing an opportunity of sale and purchase of conscience? Мразь - the teacher of Russian, from which even the husband was hung up, has put абсолюту четверку at written examination in Russian, having referred on the ostensibly come order of change of grammar after reception of examination, and "Н" has written the offer by an old rule. " After fight fists do not wave ", madam дура. But this дура, at all not having shown "Н" neither his(its) work, nor rules new, puts четверку in the certificate. Now at him(it) unique(sole) четверка for 9-10 classes. But certificate includes plotting for 8кл, that "Н" does not know. Plotting "Н" carried out ideally, but has received четверку, since the teacher was алкаш родственничек same джедиректора and it(he) the husband of the native sister лжедруга. "Н" In indignation refuses the bargain with conscience and leaves from it предлагателя, though that probably simply checked conscience "Н". That! The check has passed excellent. Now it is necessary to pass final evening. But "Н" lives in this village on an apartment at the woman, old honour and working on late pension, strong and mighty, but not having one eye, instead of which dark повязка. Opposite to houses of this woman two live large physically of brother, is more senior on age, than "Н". All guys of this village of collective farm миллионера love and respect "Н" for his(its) honesty, diligence, mind(wit), гениальность, strong physical preparation, possession of all kinds of sports, sciences and electronics, having learned(found out) his(its) abilities in competitions, study and work. In this village "Н" never, did not participate anywhere in any holidays and выпивках. Here it(he) only studied and trained, as well as all schoolboys of high school. Only school, sports hall and football field. Sometimes went in the House of Culture on strong film. Neither girlfriends, nor entertainments more. Девчонка at "Н" was in the other village, Suddenly it(him) before final evening хозяйка firmly speaks, that "Н" should be absent on final evening because of preparation for his(its) murder by these by two brothers living opposite(on the contrary). The hardness of the severe woman who has survived war and capable on сорокаградусном a frost, capable on, to operate by the horse by naked hands, showing an example мужикам by the work and honesty, is unshakable. She(it) knew a thunder оваций on all directions of abilities "Н", carried on school and village, heard praises from different directions about "Н" and did not joke. "Н" Heard, that one of these brothers loved without mind(wit) one девчонку from 9 classes. This девчонка loved "Н", about what one of the classmates told "Н" two years in succession, imploring "Н" to go on meeting with this девчонкой, since classmate was a little related to its(her) parents and any way was devoted in this unilateral love. Девчонка literally before final has caught "Н" about school, when that went past, and tears has admitted to it(him) in love directly at an input(entrance) in school. This recognition could be heard by(with) everybody, were in classes of two-storeyed school, in a study of the director, which windows left on a street, and also in a court yard of school behind various structures. "Н" Was so stunned, that has lost gift of speech. Even начитанность and genetic memory did not help because of unexpectedness. Девчонка in tears, were silent, looked at him(it), and it(he) on девчонку. "Н" 16 years were hardly executed. Physically and intellectually it(he) was абсолют, but it was higher only. It(he) did not know девчонку, to talk with девчонками it(he) is not skilful in general, could just -нибудь by him(it) tell. And here in general language was simply disconnected. To you and god абсолют. So here is how Зевс has grown fond on ground mortal? But here on the contrary. Девчонка was silent too. Long "Н" could not it maintain, were silent, has turned and has left, where went. Still it is not known, that it(he) would make in such situation even now. In cinema it is very good to put similar stages. Pass even one such наяву. Later it(he) once again has seen this девчонку and it(him) again as with a thunder has struck. It(he) came to a technical school, where studied it(him) девчонка and suddenly, costing(standing) in a corridor in its(her) expectation, has seen coming in an audience that. More it(he) has not dared to occur in a technical school. Now, after the message хозяйки, "Н" has made the analysis of a situation for the previous period of life, using genetic memory without presence of the women and девчонок, and has left from village, not having appeared on final evening. But it did not rescue, астрологически, "Н". In the same evening it(him) hardly have not killed in mad fight of a cloud of the peasants of other village which has attacked him(it) at the presence of one of his(its) friends.

Two "friends"

Come in a human body, the god, gets in the real human world with his(its) real people, which not only do not wish to concede to displays of the god in a human body, but also sometimes kill преступными by methods the certain forces of the man, in which there is a god. "Н" the overlooked(forgotten) former classmate 6-th, 7-th and 8-th classes has called for a long time, requiring(demanding) матом and nicknames on the phone to recognize, that it(he) by nothing is worse than the god, though itself hardly has achieved for the 60 years of knowledge прапорщика and driver of the automobile. The conversation was finished in forty minutes, in which the classmate gave out itself for the friend "Н", not asking it(him) about it. "Н" As once has named this classmate as one of the friends. It(he) has helped "Н" to leave from far Оренбуржья for Kazan of November 12 1969г., after "Н" in one рубашечке, брючках and штиблетиках, after September operation аппендицита of the special complexity and незажитой by a vast wound of a stomach, rushed two weeks on frosts and dirty(dirt) of villages Оренбуржья, hoping to the aid of parents and friends to return in КАИ for continuation of study. His(its) girl has pulled out from Kazan by the letter. "Н", seeing, that finds November holidays from them пьянками to not avoid, variant of the least losses and takes off by plane in Оренбуржье on analysis with the girl, using usual process of departure for these holidays annually, but more favourable way. "Н" has chosen so days of week to not pass(miss) employment(occupations) because of celebratory неурядиц of roads and to avoid пьянок with лжедрузьями. "Н" Knew the abilities абсолюта, knew, that it(him) will be in every possible way спаивать and to aspire even to kill and searched for variants in сложнейших закрутках of a society(community) under covering ostensibly of celebratings, and actually of practical lowerings of the gods with the help of drugs and poisons. So the governors lower(omit) the gods up to a level of the ordinaries алкоголиков, extorting their abilities and mocking for ostensibly алкоголизм. Actually society(community) so зажимает of the god, showing ostensibly it(him) гениальность of the outstanding man, but alas, drunkard. In result, god almost nothing pay, but appropriate(give) all his(its) works gratuitously, стращая by punishment for былые ostensibly mistakes and sins. So, after on November 29 1969г. "Н" has arrived in Оренбуржье, has understood with the girl and has received failure(refusal) of the parents to help it(him) by money to the ticket up to Kazan (something about five roubles), it(he) was threw in other village to the ostensibly friends, including to this classmate, which some years at one time trained to school and other sciences. But it(him) have met far, not in a friendly way, at once having given up in the help, уворачиваясь by any way, were afraid the future development "Н". This classmate has promised the help at a rate of about ten roubles, but after the tenth of November. Only promise, and ahead two weeks of frosts and dirty(dirt) of villages Оренбуржья 17- years(summer) мальчишке practically without clothes and footwear. Unless the friends could not be reset(dumped) on rouble and help? Certainly could, but they, is similar злорадствовали and wished only to kill "Н" by any way, and now it was so easily to make. To live to it(him) there was no place, to be fed there is nothing. Last money from the grant "Н" has given back for the ticket from Kazan. The grant 11 numbers of each month, but up to it(her) is necessary to reach. The process has gone, going deep and extending, but is clean against "Н". Now all could have fun and be pleased. "Н" should die, and they to blossom. But how school friendship? "Н" all classmates helped to acquire a material of school sciences, protected them from обидчиков, advanced school and teachers at the control by regional and regional checks. How комсомольские ideals of the help of the friends and classmates, which "Н" свято executed in the attitude(relation) to all? Certainly, the friends have become puzzled slightly, but have offered only выпивки and уголки for ночевок, aspiring to show all - a pier, see, what this genius - алкаш, and they - ideals. Докатился the genius. Is wound on streets for капельку of alcohol. Then one of the friends and it(him) родственничек the director of school find variant of a poison "Н". Invite "Н" in the house. The director puts стаканчики with ostensibly vodka. "Н" touches up to стаканчика by a hand and feels cold steel impact of a spasm. The director and friend, not coming off, look on "Н". "Н" all the same takes стаканчик by a hand, concerns by his(its) lips and begins sharply to lose consciousness. Slightly remembers, how tries to rise and to leave. Having come in consciousness, sees itself on a dirty naked floor under a table of a forward room, where there is a table general(common) пьянки seeing off at the night of the friend in army. _ Further "дружок", throwing "Н" on a place of a crime, will run in Kazan, where later speaks, that, say "Н" has hit by a head about a threshold at attempt to leave from houses. It ложь. "Н", trusting the friend and further, feeling loss of memory, addresses in an ambulance station КАИ. There absolutely precisely speak, that any traumas in a head is not present. "Н" insists on careful research, trusting the friend and feeling changes in consciousness in the negative party. The doctors of an ambulance station КАИ direct "Н" on research to conducting establishments of medical sciences of Kazan. There are long days. All great scientists completely deny presence of traumas of a head after рентгенографии and other researches. Give out рентген snapshots of a head in various combinations to the experts of medicine of an ambulance station КАИ, which confirm absence of traumas of a head "Н". But it is too much the misses(passings) of employment(occupations) радиофака. "Н" firmly enters into a study зам. The dean of the second rates радиофака also convinces зам. The dean in necessity академ of holiday. Зам. The dean goes towards "Н" and writes to the doctors of an ambulance station КАИ a paper about necessity of distribution of the information on академ holiday. "Н" personally bears(carries) this paper to the doctors of an ambulance station, receives lime справочку about concussion of a brain, though concussion never and was not. This linden could be hidden from importunate людишек, but they, even after there are a lot of decades, having put on in ливреи of the academicians, scientists and governors, nod on an ostensibly injured at one time head "Н". "Н" Is compelled to open all dirty(dirt) of the last years. Now other "friend" occurs after many decades. It(he) has not rendered the duly help, though was able to do it. On the contrary, it(he) has made all, that "Н" has lingered over by anybody on a frost. It is a little after November 1969г. same дружок, having spat on friendship, used the same girl "Н", because of which "Н" took off in Оренбуржье. This дружок перетрахал there are a lot of girls in childhood. There was also such: In the summer after 6-th class, this "friend", hands атлета родственничка from the south, hardly has not killed "Н". Родственничек, having crept instantly behind, столкнул "Н" from a springboard on water in мелководье, when "Н" stood by a back to it орлам, laying on песочке near to a springboard. "Н", being rescueed from impact about water плашмя, tried нырком to soften impact. But was too finely. In depth it was possible to get only from start and forward. Подонок столкнул "Н" to the left and in the party on мелководье. Речка was fine, and at coast, absolutely, centimeters by depth. "Н" Has dived into water, having felt страшнейший impact by a head in sand under water, infernal pains in шейном and поясничном sites of a backbone, and has lost consciousness under water. The cattles continued to lay on песочке, having pretended "brooms". "Н" In some seconds has come in consciousness. It(he) in this двенадцатилетнем age could be a lot of time under water, having concealed breath and переныривая under water the large distances, causing жуткую envy of the one-peasants. Having come in consciousness, "Н" has lifted a head above water, but breathe could not. The traumas of two places of a backbone have paralysed breath and legs. The cattles laid and observed of process. "Н" On hands has crept out of water on sand, лег, and has restored организм by the forces абсолюта. The chairman could not speak the father about it, and the mother, in day beaten by the father, would finish up to the end "Н". It well was known by(with) cattles and enjoyed деяниями. The father appropriated(gave) all work "Н", house and at school, nonexistent гениальности, causing to itself respect anything несмыслящих of the people. The traumas were not necessary to it(him). "Н" never about it anywhere and nobody stammered. "Н" Has managed quickly скрытно зарастить then the terrible traumas of a backbone of a neck and поясницы. In the beginning 90 years it(he) demonstrated such abilities on the broken into smithereens finger. The traumas grow, but the scars костей and broken off crates of a body are kept. Only traumas of a head is not present, because was not during a poisoning "Н" the director of school. So, now this дружок finds the telephone "Н" and названивает, requiring(demanding) the attitudes(relations) дурачков шестиклассников to "Н", naming his(its) nicknames and using open мат, referring on чернеющий a nose and ostensibly old friendship. Nothing will leave. Then such attitudes(relations) were promoted алкаш and подонок by the father, not giving opportunities "Н" to develop at home and выпихивая it(him) therefrom daily пьянками and fights with the mother. The time has passed. "Н" has made many opening for mankind and gods of space on a planet. At "Н" now great rights, and at these cattles only debts. It only small example of the attitudes(relations) of the gods and people, which try to overcome the gods by any way, being pleased прохиндействам, dirty преступным to receptions, бесчестным and unscrupulous acts, larceny, deceit etc., etc. The beginning god should see indefinitely forward and all measurements, differently will get in лапы подонков. The friends - one-peasants The beginning god, were based on materials, should independently be guided in interactions of electromagnetic processes of various measurements on a principle of a superposition and all examples "Н" to use for the training. The god, indefinitely far, not абсолют, and the people together, are capable to put harm to a body - carrier of a gene абсолюта. The following example of a reality of the attitudes(relations) of the gods and people is the distortion of the validity of pure(clean) businesses абсолюта by all same dirty people. In the summer 1968г., after 10-th class, "Н" has met all same "friends", which wished to accept alcoholic drinks in a case of the termination(ending) десятилетки. For reception of alcoholic drinks have decided(solved) to go all on same ill-starred речку. One of the friends was already thoroughly drunk. It(him) called циклопом because of vast force and sizes. It(he) was the son of the smith, which planted in passing bees and received a lot of honey, sometimes treating all friends during swapping honey. This friend had time(was in time) to earn of vodka on "помочи" to one of the one-peasants in manufacturing самана (vast bricks from clay and straw for construction of houses and extensions). After "помочи", the participants, гранеными by glasses submitted vodka and hors d'oevres. It(he) already was "good", but considered(counted), that it a little and required(demanded) equality in распитии further. On речке to it(him) have poured all стаканчик, after which it(he) has taken a walk some time and лег to sleep near to the friends, charter from work and alcohol. Hardly friends have accepted of grammes till hundred and more, as beginnings to come nearer a thunder-storm. What to do(make)? Циклоп sleeps and how such верзилу of a message up to houses? Everyone were in one плавках, having combined clothes on a coast of the river. Циклоп too was in one плавках. "Н" Has offered to the friends faster to leave in a shed of one the friends in a village, promising to inform on shoulders there циклопа after them, seeing, that those are capable only hardly to go after hundred and more, grammes of vodka. Those have left, having taken away all clothes, seeing prompt approach(approximation) of a thunder-storm. "Н" has lifted циклопа on shoulders and has born(taken out) it(him) on a coast of the river, on a road conducting in village. Suddenly циклоп has woken up and began to slip from shoulders "Н", using the vast force. Eventually, it(he) has slipped on a road, has managed to rise on четвереньки. But has felled in a vast hole, заросшую rich, high and полусухой, жалящей by terrible needles, крапивой. In this hole it(he) began to rush and дико орать from injections крапивы. Despite of injections крапивы, "Н" has born(taken out) циклопа from a hole and has incurred(carried) in village. Up to houses, where there should be friends, there was a considerable distance even on a village, not that up to village. The one-peasants should see all stage. Besides there was evening and shepherds гнали овец along the street. The people met овец and admired a show of carry циклопа. About houses of a place of meeting of the friends, красовалась a vast pool, which could be bypassed only on узенькой inclined and slippery from a rain тропиночке, near to a front garden. Циклоп again зашевелился, trying independently to rise on legs, and has flied in this pool, being arranged in it(her) to sleep, by the person is direct in the same pool. "Н" At first began to raise the person циклопа from a pool, that that not нахлебался of water and dirty(dirt). There was a rain. Was скользко, vast циклоп resisted, as could. It was perfect in a cool pool. "Н" there was all dirty from брызг and struggle with циклопом. At last friends have seen this everything, but have understood all in own way, considering, that it циклоп bears(carries) "Н". You see it циклоп large and strong. They have helped циклопу. "Н" has gone to a court yard of a house. These friends continued decades to represent, that it циклоп great The bogatyr, that bore(carried) it it(he) "Н" and helped it(him) in a pool. They could not be reconciled with абсолютом in any way, his(its) force and abilities. Eventually, "Н" has stopped with these жуликами of the attitude(relation). They and have remained the illiterate people because of the irrepressible greed and наглости, having the houses. "Н" Passed school of the present gods and has reached(achieved) heights абсолюта, creating the submitted circuits, equation, formulas and products causing in the villains black envy, hatred and unreasonable rage. The beginning gods should pass something similar in the development and to stop all attempts of distortions of reality. In a reality the god on a planet collides with weight of provocations on the part of the people. Therefore it is necessary to result examples of strong provocations of the people in relation to "Н". The example of the special grade провокаторов, living under false личиной of high, wise, clever bogatyrs capable and wishing to kill to anyone, on their sight by an imperceptible way (another's hands) any human body is very important, in which there is a god indefinitely superior these жлобов ясновидением. The villain under a mask of the friend "Н", trying to kill "Н" by a hydrocianic acid with the help of the director of eight-years(eight-summer) school, we shall name КАВ, подонка, trying to kill "Н" by hands родственничка атлета from the Black sea, we shall name ПАМ, and one of жлобов, enemies "Н" - провокаторов БНП. БНП though was одногодком of a body "Н", but "Н", first, earlier for one year has gone to school, then жлоб has passed(missed) as early as year of school because of a trauma of a leg, and, at last, in spite of the fact that слыл round отличником and son of a tall bogatyr, conceded "Н" indefinitely on all variants of life. This жлоб in every possible way fawned before "Н", every time at meeting and dialogue with it(him) is tender, игриво and friendly smiling and admiring boundless talents "Н". "Н" Did not assume, that so his(its) fond man is capable to substitute and сгноить once simply and easily, it seemed -, absolutely sincerely favourite friend. "Н" With it БНП worked on harvest, by one machine, loading, transporting and unloading in day of tens four-ton flights of a grain from under a combine, summer after the seventh class of school, giving rest to the driver and carrying out flights for ten kilometers from village on fields, for the driver. БНП could not conduct авто only through the bridge above the river dividing(sharing) sat from fields, to approach(drop in) on a combine, to be loaded on the move under a combine and to drive авто on a current. "Н" Replaced жлоба on these sites, and also carried out still all fixed flights. Him(it) with БНП was for thirteen years. They sang songs, were in a body авто, when the driver himself conducted the machine. 1,5 months (with средины of July up to the end of August) with rest all till two, four hours per day worked round the clock. They were complete of determination, to build коммунизм, and to earn copecks on life, infernal work. But has come(stepped) злосчастный 1969, in which подлецы родственнички КАВ tried to hide the father "Н" in prison, the one-peasants in November сгноить "Н" by frosts, dirty(dirt), vodka and to kill by a hydrocianic acid. Here, in September, 1969, "Н" unexpectedly delete become torn in a stomach аппендикс, a vast wound completely do not sew up and "Н" all September will carry out(spend) evenings with these "friends", coming in their village from райцентра, in which all lives his(its) family. To this village came to the brother it(him) девчонка, which to it(him) всучили by force his(its) "friends", once having surrounded crowd and having convinced, that she(it) loves "Н". "Н" Then sincerely loved another девчонку, but that, alive, battle(dashing), vigorous красавица and отличница, under the late stories of the relative "Н", loved another and ran to it(him) in other village. "Н" Trusted then false sincerity of the friends, saw мучения fond it(him) девчонки, which day and the night with the girlfriend топталась about windows of his(its) house, without отрыва looked on "Н" by mad eyes, everywhere and everywhere at meetings. It(he), having regretted(pitied) her(it), has decided on friendly проводы of this girl after cinema up to its(her) house in impenetrable darkness of village streets. Further "Н" was compelled to execute the elected role, being honour абсолютом. So, in one of September evenings "Н" has arrived on a bicycle in village, has left a bicycle at ПАМ and has gone to village club, where there should reach his(its) girl with the girlfriends for long dances under a unending flow of modern songs both music of mad sixtieth and their unsurpassed idols: Э.Пьехи, С.Ротару, М.Магомаева, Э.Горовца etc., etc. "Н" At an input(entrance) in a premise(room) of club (there was deep evening, and was darkly) has seen in light of windows and door of club, guys of younger age, it БНП with any unknown громилой. "Н" knew of all guys of village. This громила was another's. "Н" has come in club and villages together with the guys in one of forward armchairs of a hall, observing for dancing девчонками and talking with a number(line) by the sitting guys. Some time has passed. The guys came into club and left him(it) on air, подышать Suddenly club runs in БНП, closes the person by palms, runs up to "Н" and, complaining thin голосочком, speaks, that громила has struck it(him). "Н" One year was engaged in boxing in КАИ. To it(him) there were seventeen years. Despite of a vast fragmentary wound of a stomach and small growth, it(he) by the right hand could lift easily двухпудовую the weight, not straining a stomach, only at the expense of muscles of a back, shoulder and hands. Without reasonings "Н" jumps out from club in a door, by a series of short impacts in a head and the trunk fills up громилу on itself. The younger guys see these impacts, and сверстники "Н" while nothing know. Громила, falling on "Н", with huge weight fills up "Н" back under the vast trunk. The stomach at "Н" does not work because of huge зияющей of a wound and "Н" can not even resist to weight громилы. If громила has fallen on a back "Н", then there was other расклад. Громила lays motionlessly on "Н" and "Н" nothing in a condition to make. The younger guys instantly run in club and shout by the grown-up, that at "Н" of a problem. The grown-ups immediately jump out from club and boots clean off a body громилы with "Н". All guys, except for БНП together with "Н" come into club, and громила it is necessary to lay on ground motionlessly. БНП asked of the help, and it(he) has received her(it). Further his(its) problems. But something long is not present neither БНП, nor громилы. "Н" leaves club and sees a strange picture: БНП, having embraced with громилой, go around of club and something mysteriously whisper among themselves. Knowing fawning БНП, "Н" comes back in club, feeling a persuasive, repellent, black, sticky and slippery dirty(dirt) морд these недоносков. There comes the end of September in couple of days and "Н" goes in city on station for sending in КАИ. At station it(he) casually is met by(with) the younger guys of the villages which have arrived there on various businesses. They enthusiastically retell punishment громилы and fastidiously speak that БНП together with it громилой have submitted to court on "Н" for ostensibly beating громилы. Knowing honesty of services of area, "Н", leaves in КАИ. Certainly, these гнусов БНП and громилу, спецы of area have understood also of any businesses did not get(start). The facts were against подонков-провокаторов. Later, after thirteen years, at the regional centre, when "Н" worked there main engineer of regional industrial association on electronics, to it(him) in a study приползла the mother БНП and is plaintive прошепелявила: " What you with Колей are not friends? It(he) now chief of a department of militia of area ". She(it) has taken the telephone "Н" and БНП once has called "Н". They have met in the street, and send on foot to general(common), as has appeared to microarea. On a road, having seen the young large sportsman, БНП has told "Н": " Strike it(him), and I сгною it(him) in prison ". It was so unpleasant, that "Н" hardly has restrained, that not врубить БНП in морду. Гнида, has found "Н", has substituted the mother, not отчистился from the past dirty деяния, and, being the captain of militia, not hiding desire надеть генеральские лампасы, continues of the foulness. However, in militia such then was much enough. БНП, by hearsay from ПАМ, to a grade of the lieutenant colonel has served. How many dirty(dirt) it(he) there has done? Probably, and it(him) will use подонки for processing "Н" further. All is possible. " In Greece all is ". The commissioner Катани lived near Greece. How it will be possible to suffer(bear) this смердящую cattle - БНП, at the meeting, casual or arranged by someone?

Элементы работы Н.

The reasons and consequences of stagnation in USSR

The foreword

To create the light future - коммунизм, it is necessary for the beginning to master at a sufficient level the past and present, or, speaking other language to pass on other spaces and times, and then to do(make), assumption, hypothesis with concrete checks in practice, and subsequent theories of components scientific коммунизма. The theories should continuously be checked and be corrected in view of development of a source of energy creating its(her) abundance. To travel in time it is possible by various ways: it is possible in dream, mentally at study of any information or наяву in the present time, accepting and processing the new information, participating in the various projects of research and creation, or independently creating the appropriate objects. The genetic abilities of an individual define(determine) speed of his(its) development. "Н" Forced down with sense, seeing his(its) abilities, all people, environmental it(him), where it(he) was. It were the results of capital struggle lowered from above by the ideological device of ruling circles. The mistakes have resulted these жалких политиков in confusion in a head "Н", and, in result, to stagnation in a society(community). The society(community) began to be perplexed - why скачек 60 was replaced with stagnation. The answer has appeared is simple - "Н" understood a direction of his(its) researches for true search of the reasons of problems of a planet. Let's begin gradual analysis of the reasons and consequences замедленности of researches "Н". "Н" Has not time to finish the brothers up to mind(wit) and leaves to study in КАИ, leaving them as an arbitrariness of the parents, population and ruling class, which tears "Н" to a part, trying to distinguish all properties, the phenomena and laws "Н" and to apply them on the needs вампиров.

"Н" Entrant КАИ

"Н" In 1968г. acts in КАИ on радиофак. For this purpose it(he) comes to Kazan, settles in a hostel with the friend and comrade for preparation for examinations. Is enlisted on monthly rates of preparation in КАИ from a beginning of July 1968г. On rates it is necessary to lose time by hours, listening brilliant performances(statements) great решателей of tasks on mathematics and physics at a board daily. In result the day is lost and two - three tasks are decided(solved). All geniuses also are very pleased - at them there is a progress. "Н" Buys in a booth of a lobby of the main building КАИ the collection of tasks on mathematics for acting in high SCHOOLS, in which thousand сложнейших of tasks with the decisions are submitted. To study them and to decide(solve) in writing, to examinations of time obviously will not suffice. "Н" Offers to the friend to decide(solve) them orally, very quickly explaining each other essence of the decisions, in case of an advancing of the decisions of one of them and long delay another. In result - not less than 150 decided(solved) сложнейших of tasks per day and brilliant passing examinations. Two compare, three tasks on rates, and 150 is independent, per day. Parity(ratio) in 50, or 75 times. It is effect! It is clear now, why the works "Н" in the Internet can not understand neither gods, nor genius the people on a planet, in spite of the fact that "Н" them chews both gods and geniuses of a planet of decade? Can the historians of a planet will manage to find десятиклассника, having the stupid(blunt) teachers, parents and сверстников, is independent and without whose - or help to master a quickly school material of all sciences of school, and to decide(solve) per day on hundred fifty сложнейших of the international competitive tasks on mathematics, while the most outstanding geniuses could them decide(solve) all till one or two tasks per day? Besides "Н" has managed to this reception to train the friend, having enclosed in that, temporarily, part of the abilities.

Receipt in КАИ and first "облом"

"Н" And friend are happy, and dream of Great Space. But!!!!! Also began of physics in КАИ, which "Н" with impatience expected, being начитанным about works the Queen, Келдыша, authors of the laser, nuclear энергий, electronics and COMPUTER etc. etc., besides and itself "Н" had already own development in the field of electronics and power. But here that and first "облом". The senior lecturer of physics at the first lecture for "Н" leaves мастистый and his(its) first speeches are most severe interdictions of researches of power, especially infinite, and furthermore from anything, zero, point etc. etc. As he said installed extends, after that there is a general death, to which to oppose senselessly and, say, it is necessary to reconcile. To you Space, Great Science USSR and Great Queens, Келдыши and Гагарины. Have arrived! Отупение absolute. Further of sense to study is not present at such "great" science. What to do(make) "Н". All senior students and teachers КАИ simply roar haughty, seeing talents "Н" and impossibility of their application. You, speak, it is simple after the termination(ending) КАИ пойдешь on a factory, where will be simple винтиком. And how your performances(statements) till radio, TV? How your books, textbooks, films and songs? A laughter it is even more and more hoarsely. "Н" outside of itself. It(he) begins to despise all and everything, all this груду of self-satisfied stuff недоделов, кичащихся before the people by the false degrees, ranks, knowledge and achievement, and actually, being червями - обжорами. The period of stagnation gradually begins. "Н" should be defined(determined) in a new situation. Beginning of collision "Н" with an animal of a planet and space But how "Н" to be with environmental? It(he) surpasses them indefinitely in development and all without exception despises. They see it and feel on itself, becoming very dangerous for "Н", threatening it(him) by collective punishment. "Н" Decides(solves) to extinguish in itself all talents both abilities by vodka and cigarettes. It(him) amicably help in it all environmental, and the friend who has thrown it(him) on an arbitrariness of destiny in a trouble, in November 1969г is especial. .......................................................................... The irreconcilable struggle "Н" in a body of the simple man with a mad animal of a planet armed superweapon and having in the submission mankind of a planet begins. "Н" On it to spit, it(he) абсолют and this animal gradually pacifies by the works. The animal conducts all-round struggle, trying to dominate, to dominate and to correct on a planet. It(he) uses various ways and means of influence for the people and gods, creating variations of acceptance by the countries and areas, communities and unions, societies(communities) and groups, classes etc. every possible rules and codes, laws and definitions, formulations etc., and also direct influence of the weapon, means and selling armed formations. The special means of influence for minds(wits) of mankind is the application of ranks, posts, qualifications and other artificial gradation of the population in sciences, manufacture, military business, sports, culture, art and other categories. The most effective category is the science determining a level of abilities and achievement, people and gods on a planet. The science includes a category of the scientists. The scientist is obliged to do(make) opening being the formulas, by the equations and circuits with concrete practical examples of functioning general(common) global new both unknown before properties and laws is absolute of all nature. Under the formulas, equations and circuits open by the scientists, the engineer is obliged to create real designs, technologies and equipment designs of devices for the worker, which automatically can carry out circulations of these devices. In a history of mankind has appeared not so a lot of present scientific, created opening being the formulas, by the equations and circuits with concrete practical examples of functioning general(common) global new both unknown before properties and laws is absolute of all nature. Плотоядный the animal wishes to correct by all space, tries to subordinate all people of the gods and абсолютов of space. The lime reports on development of false sciences, under a kind present, for influence on mentality and minds(wits) present scientific, engineers and workers are necessary to an animal which the animal does not admit to the general(common) boiler of mankind and which is not allowed to receive the present real degrees and ranks without participation of the liars of an animal. It(he) puts on a flow лженауку with лжеучеными, creating rules and codes for assignment of false ranks and degrees лжеученым on the whim with the help of false commissions and advice(councils) лжеученых, that physically and mentally to finish with the present scientists and gods. The history of mankind knows many shocking examples of destruction by an animal of a planet of the greatest scientists and gods, which works the animal uses for the insatiable enrichment тысячелетиями, selling works of the gods and scientific as every possible products to all mankind, continuously lifting the prices. The present gods and scientists in the beginning of the life, still in earnest not understanding an animal, try to receive degrees and ranks by protection of the dissertations, but then, seeing фальшивость лжекомиссий and advice(councils), simply publish the works, becoming the present gods and scientists of space without the lime documents лжеученых. Лжеученые звереют, since them expose and is open spit on them, bring down on the present gods and scientists all force of systems and mechanisms of an animal with his(its) weapon of mass destruction of the people, selling groups of information, political, cultural, ideological and other channels. The gods and present scientists, ask the absolute god of space (абсолюта) "Н", to understand on a planet. The present gods and people come on a planet for new attempts to make happiness and validity of the founders of controlled energy of a point of measurements. Пожиратели (вампиры, devils, demons and other versions of consumption of another's blood is direct and опосредованно), come with the opposite purposes of submission, властвования above the gods and people, naming itself by uncountable variations of the letters and words, being forged хамелеонскими by ways under the gods and people. At пожирателей, the fake under the gods and people occurs automatically, intuitively, consciously and unconsciously, рефлекторно and is programmed, планово, creatively, individually, collectively and weights of other ways. Пожирателей it is almost impossible to distinguish among the present people and gods, since they carefully mask the essence and essence, understanding, that by him(it) on a planet anything differently does not shine. This вампиров can be distinguished by definition of ways of their existence elementary. It is necessary only to understand, that they do not create practical devices for reception of products and goods from a point of infinite energy of measurements, in every possible way interfere with creation of such devices to the people and gods, and all becomes clear. All becomes clear also from a history of mankind, in which existence of the gods, people and вампиров always take place. The people and gods have received fire, have created on a planet - settlements and cities, engineering and devices, machine, technology, designs, aircraft, космонавтику, fleet etc., etc. Вампиры, пожиратели always лезут to authority in a science, engineering and society(community), borrow(occupy) the best places in culture, painting and cinematography, in press, computer science and school, formation(education) and medicine, bank business and policy(politics), economy. They do not wish to create devices of controlled energy of a point of measurements known on a planet always, by traces of UFOs left hundred millions years back. Вампиры go even on destruction of all planet together with all by its(her) inhabitants if only to be at authority. The gods destroyed a planet regularly because of these тварей, but nothing could correct. "Н" Comes now to this sad conclusion and begins to understand, that by destruction of a planet to not decide(solve) problems of space. Вампиры неуничтожимы, as a matter of fact, also pass in new kinds and forms to other planets collectively, continuing to have the superiority over the gods in new human bodies on new planets, since to the gods and people корпоративность and коллективность are not necessary. Pay attention what even the strong animals, predators, млекопитающие, giants a fish, giants a shark, whales, кашалоты, спруты, strong mighty trees etc., can exist and frequently exist separately, or in pairs. But even the strongest devils can not exist independently, but only only subordinating someone, since own only negative энергиями, unable to support their existence. Thus, it is absolutely clear, that пожиратели and вампиры be not capable to live independently and necessarily присасываются to the gods and people by various ways, organizing collectives, corporation, societies(community), classes etc., etc. It does not mean, that the irreconcilable struggle абсолюта with these resourceful creations negative энергий is necessary. They can be transformed by power(force) methods with the help of absolute engineering of management of infinite energy of a point of measurements. Them never to feed, not напоить and to not satisfy with the gods and people. They can only be forced by force to leave from a planet in measurement, known and controllable by the gods, of which they can not get out for пожирательских of the purposes, will exist there happily and carefree among similar, not feeling positive энергий of the gods and people, and, accordingly not aspiring them to subordinate. They at one time casually have got not in the measurement, and be not capable to leave for the heavenly spots, истязая other worlds by virtue of essence and essence. They consist of negative kinds энергий, and are here as an antimatter. In the measurement they are the same relative people and gods, and are simply obliged there to return. The proofs are necessary for this purpose to them which in due time will be submitted. The gods and people of this measurement should not from вампиров escape, since they вампирам of harm do not put. It is necessary to create such device, which is capable to collect these negative creations пожирания and вампиризма. "НГ" such way has found out in a point of measurements. Energy засасывается in a point without leaving a trace. Now it will be necessary in time to create such independently working device alongside with the device which is giving out independently positive energy from a point of measurements. Such conclusions and results follow from researches "Н" of a planet and space. Вампиры and пожиратели aspire to understand new works to try to create systems of government at the expense of ready kinds of the weapon, to redeem at "НГ" ready devices, reducing his(its) existence in absolute poverty, but it(he) already became the god of the certain directions of management infinite энергиями of points of measurements. Now it(he) is capable to finish the devices in other measurements, if suddenly his(its) body will be lost from impacts вампиров. Then it(he) can return on a planet in a new kind and form with devices capable to transfer(translate) вампиров in a controllable point and to decide(solve) a task абсолюта on a planet, if абсолют before that time will allow to exist to a planet under authority вампиров and these вампиры will not destroy a planet деяниями. Вампиры completely own a planet at the expense of huge systems of arms, in every possible way by it бахвалясь, is open выпячивая itself in means of the information by the billionaires, миллионерами, secretly disappearing in bosoms of a planet by the dark persons мафий with any money. "Н" Almost completely has trained "НГ" to a role абсолюта and there is not so a lot of time for death пожирателей вампиров. Now only it is necessary to create independent devices of energy for various kinds of antipodes of a matter and it is possible to consider(count) a task decided(solved), since the development does not represent her(it) of the special interests. The beginning gods should these lessons acquire, to not wait from a society(community) of assignment of ranks and degrees at opening the formulas, equations and circuits of global general character under the requirements of space. That the society(community) will give, the society(community) and will take away with percents(interests). The present formulas, equation and circuit will stay to exist objectively on a planet and in space in kinds and forms of real or abstract objects, in minds(wits) both hearts of the people and gods. It also is the present ranks and degrees of the absolute scientists. The animal consists of separate groups and people of every possible categories, which be not capable independently to leave from the rule(situation). It(he) goes by the way, trying to subordinate "Н", to create new, stronger " the present абсолюта ", to involve(attract) " present абсолюта " from space with prays of churches, people, societies(communities), of corporations or to give rise from "Н" a copy абсолюта with stronger opportunities for the purposes вампиров of a planet and space, or to create complex system абсолютов for the domination of an animal. However again, абсолют is абсолют. It(he) has infinite abilities of the analysis of opportunities of this animal and decides(solves) all absolutely indefinite, not as an example конечностям of the monsters. The monsters now wish to create парадигмы with an output(exit) on infinity and nevertheless to take possession "Н" with the help of new corporate methods, not understanding trues even of simple ways of struggle, for example, спецов of battle(dashing) arts using receptions of handicapes of the group monsters. Especially animal twitches on абсолюта instead of studying at him(it) honourly, paying all charges абсолюта. The animal, for example, joins абсолюта with девчонкой at school, using his(its) absolute honesty, allows to give rise the child from the girl and from абсолюта, breaks off communication(connection) the girl with абсолютом, selects the child at абсолюта, does not give an opportunity абсолюту with it(him) communication(connection) and tries to receive new stronger абсолютов. The terrible tragedy follows. The animal anything, except for absolute anger абсолюта does not get and receives страшнейшие impacts of the gods абсолюта on a planet and in space. ............................................................................... The extraordinary strong envy of the friend who has entered in преступный заговор with the director of school, has stopped on many years active work "Н" on introduction infinite энергий of a point. ……- ……- ……- ……- ……- ……- ……-. "Н" And Зиновьев В.П. Have acted(arrived) on radio engineering faculty of high SCHOOL in 1968. Already at the first lecture on physics and at once from the first words the senior lecturer has made speeches of an interdiction of work on energy, and furthermore from EFFICIENCY more than 1. It(he) spoke, that installed extends, the thermal death is inevitable also everyone should with it reconcile. "Н" has understood, where again has flown. At first silly school, and now кичащийся, silly institute. But threat to lose the grant, a hostel and any maximum formation(education) did(made) the black business. It(he), is open before the friends - fellow students was indignant, since his(its) genetics ruthlessly proved by the obstinate facts from the last measurement, that ложь it is necessary to open. For this purpose the real facts in this measurement were required. It was necessary to study further planet and to wait for the decisions allowing all to put on the places. On the second rate have begun to teach philosophy and "Н" has cheered up, but rather early. The philosophy, has appeared, kept on engineering science denying mastering by infinite energy. It was the end of the first beginning though any веры in mankind. Energy the end, abundance too, so about what коммунизме твердят from tribunes of policy(politics)? So that is why stop and beginning of rise of the prices? It was necessary something to undertake urgently, sharply and irrevocably, but how? "Н" Begins to define(determine) the minimal circle of sciences, which need to be mastered for achievement of the purpose, from which it(he) was in this measurement. Such sciences become: electronics, physics, chemistry and philosophy. For their effective study "Н" chooses in the assistants of boxing, with the purpose of self-defense and purchase of скоростно-power(скоростно-force) qualities организма, necessary in work of an intensively working brain, which needs to deliver sufficient portions of blood and oxygen at the key moments of creations of powerful images of the circuits and every possible decisions. The time does not wait. On the first rate at the end of the first semester of academic year, during preparation for examination in analytical geometry in a reading hall of library to "Н" the combined student однокурсник has approached атлетически which was more senior than it(him) on some years. "Н" Was engaged in boxing and habitually compressed the fists, after intensive trainings, yet not having learned to relax. Атлет it instantly has noticed and friendly has told: " I from childhood did not love овал. I from childhood a corner drew ". "Н" In the answer too benevolently has burst out laughing, but fists has not unclenched, showing, that of laughter by laughter, and.... "Базарить" it is easy and simply. To do(make) difficultly. Monstrous ложь of a science of a planet about an origin of the man, alongside with power and real physical processes in space and time simply shake "Н" from the moment of arrival it(him) on a planet. "Н" At once of beginnings to speak and to tell about itself and purposes of the arrival on a planet. In the answer it(he) heard, that it(him) сверстники same and in the beginning to them trusted, observing their abilities apparent identical on parameters of an estimation by simple ways. It(he) trusted them, that they too came with the same opportunities and purposes. However time showed, that they desperately lie to not look идиотами, but to this by and large they came. _ Самоварная a science and the senior generation is directly - таки impudent, inconsiderately and with authority dictated, that "Н" was born here as a result of merge хромосом of a female and man's half, and another is not given. So up to the end 80 proceeded, while the reality has not triumphed, but now, under his(its) stories, the weights жуликов have begun to compose and to publish the products and, about ostensibly their same arrivals. But these жулики did not go at all on contact with "Н", were afraid an exposure by direct disassemblies about processes of transitions and last embodiments. "Н" Has studied weight of materials of libraries and literature, sold in boothes, on the newcomers, инопланетянах, but it is all was low-standard ложью, or publications about the underdeveloped civilizations инопланетян, on gravitational engineering visiting(attending) a planet. "Н" Has come here by absolutely ideal way through the beam of sight ( Not фотонный and not quantum, but absolute), and all rest for him(it) was, simply empty дрянью. If he(it) had doubts about to absolutely anybody inaccessible abilities, after acquaintance to the information on инопланетянам and divine сущностям, all doubts have disappeared. After restoration of some abilities of management of a planet and star congestions through the reason, "Н" was finally convinced of the uniqueness and originality of the absolute all-round space expert, on a planet recognized in the religious literature абсолютом, but not in this body. In this body some спецы consider(count) it(him) монадой, but it not so. Монады are sparks travelling on space, and "Н" has come through an own beam of absolute energy, being by his(its) part and having remained here before returning back on a new beam formed by own consciousness. It is not necessary to compose небылиц, and correctly enough to perceive the honour story about transitions and abilities. "Н" Confidently assumed to decide(solve) almost instantly problems of a planet, relying on decency of its(her) population and churches asked collectively about the help on the part of the gods and абсолюта. It(he) did not know about meanness(low acts) of the people and considered(counted), that his(its) subordinated gods visiting(attending) a planet, simply are not абсолютами and could make mistakes at research of a planet. On a planet "Н" at first long did not understand жульничеств of mankind, which is continuous to it(him) твердит, that it(he) the usual man, рожденный by merge of man's and female crates, well, at least, монада, but not the god, and furthermore not абсолют in a human body. Сверстники and one-peasants, земляки and classmates, fellow students and colleagues, employees and subordinated, chiefs and the chiefs, seeing his(its) absolute inhuman abilities, spoke it(him), that it(he) not from the world this, but more than nothing could understand. There is a part of a material about above than meanness(low act) of the friends, but we shall add still material, to the early facts. At the end of October 1969г, being the student of the second rate КАИ, "Н" flies to native village for finding - out of the attitudes(relations) with the girl, seeing, that his(its) progress allows it to make all with the miss(passing) of one pairs lectures in subjects, which it(he) perfectly acquires and without lectures. It(he) intends to turn back for couple of days of Saturday and Sunday, besides, that on Saturday will pass(miss) these two lectures. They with the friend went by the first rate in May on some days, passing(missing) there are a lot of lectures and practical employment(occupations) without damage to study. Knowing, that almost all students will leave on some days on houses from a hostel, passing(missing) there are a lot of busy hours, it(he) hopes to reduce the misses(passings) and to not participate in any пьянках, avoiding everywhere celebratory попойки on November 7 by such trip by a shuttle. However he(it) of money still has some roubles up to the grant of November 11. Them suffice only on trip in one direction up to a native house. "Н" Trusts, that it(he) will be helped on a return road by the parents and takes off by plane home. _Разобравшись With девчонкой on same Saturday, it(he) addresses to the mum with the request to give it(him) of money to the ticket in Kazan. She(it) speaks it(him), that it(he) should have addressed to the father. "Н" All day waits for the father, which, hardly having appeared, грозным рыком makes: " you what for have arrived? ", not wishing further to conduct conversation. "Н" It(him) speaks only one word from taught(learnt) by him(it) several on - татарски: "Рахмат" also leaves it is not known where, seeing wreck only beforehand. "Н" Goes in other village to the friends, hoping on their help, as to this other village by November 7 there should arrive his(its) friend from КАИ, with which "Н" studies in one group and lives at one room of a hostel. But till November 7 even one week ahead. Money is not present. On legs штиблеты. It(he) in one рубашечке. Already морозно and circle impassable village черноземная a dirty(dirt) Оренбуржья. The friends, former one-peasants, respect it(him), meet affably, but they too without money. By all of them for eighteen years, and it(him) seventeen. Them on turn take away in Army in November. They have copecks of money, which it is not enough on a road for "Н" of. But they have vodka reserved on проводы in Army, and they поят "Н" without просыпа till November 7. Is there is nothing, but to drink is that. At last, November 7, night, in club, where the guys with "Н" sit up almost till morning, there comes news, that his(its) friend comes from Kazan. "Н" By run, on a wild dirty(dirt) of village without illumination, night in absolute darkness, flies on all forces to the house of the friend. But that is open is not glad to meeting, haughty leaving from houses and not talking almost with "Н". "Н" Does not understand occurring and leaves, were silent, not having talked at all with "friend". The next day do(make) проводы of one of the friends in Army mad пьянкой with the parents, friends and relatives leaving in Army. "Н" Is compelled with them to participate, since it(he) has simply no pl to be. After пьянки, all the company on automobiles sees off of the recruit up to ж./д. Stations, with which that leaves in structure of a column of the recruits. Time for midnight. In the street strong enough frost. To go in a body of the lorry in one рубашечке and without head убора 45км not so it is easy. On arrival in village, the friend suddenly does(makes) kind личико and invites in the house of the recruit with the director of school - thus физиком. The director is the relative by the namesake of the recruit and relative of the friend. For "Н" the invitation of the director of school is authoritative. They enter in прихожую and sit down a table. The director pours on стаканчику. At this time, after морозной of a road, "Н" is capable to have a drink a bottle of vodka and to not feel intoxication, but it(he) suddenly loses consciousness after the first touch стаканчика with lips. Очнувшись from говора of the people, it(he) finds out itself(himself) under a table of a forward room which is taking place through two thresholds and a room, from прихожей, in which they sat with the director of school and friend. Time about 10 o'clock in the afternoon. The company is going похмеляться. "Н" Drinks налитую to it(him) a wine-glass of vodka, at all поморщившись, and leaves to other friend through all village. This other friend promised it(him) to give ten roubles on a road of November 10 with to first получки directly before an appeal at the end of November. To dinner at this friend the company is going. Again drink, but "Н" more does not drink and his(its) friend однокурсник asks - where which is also their friend. They amicably speak, that that has left early in morning for Kazan. Clearly. The crime is organized with the purpose of murder "Н" under a kind of a poisoning with vodka itself ostensibly алкоголика, escaped from institute and from the parents. As this "outstanding" director of school already had earlier conditional previous conviction, really absolute алкаш, is regular напивающийся and валяющийся in streets of village. His(its) wife was Зав. Районо. It(he) manages to receive without seeing diploma of maximum formation(education), but is now завистливым a criminal. November 10 the second friend really receives the first money of the driver and gives "Н" 10 руб. On a road. But some more days are lost. It is inexcusable for КАИ. "Н" Feels sharp loss of abilities of reason on memory, acuteness(witticism), sensitivity, speed of the decisions, reception and processing of the information. What terrible poison have put the friend and director of school? "Н" Comes by train to Kazan, losing even day. Waits in a room of the friend from employment(occupations) and conducts it(him) to a balcony of a corridor of a hostel for analysis without the witnesses. That looks innocent ягненочком. Where has got to надменность, спесь and his(its) other kinds of the great man, friend and scientist. The crime is obvious. "Friend" considered(counted), that "Н" is already buried. "Н" Asks "friend": " That happened in прихожей after wires ". That fussy speaks, that "Н" has fallen on a nape after attempt to leave with them, for a leaving(care) on houses. All is clear. Подонок, is подонок. To speak there is nothing. What for dragged a body through three rooms and have thrown under a table general(common) пьянки? Why "friend" is urgent ran, having thrown in a trouble of the friend? The friend has not assisted and has disappeared from a place of a crime together with the director of school? "Н" The words nobody are spoken about it some by(with) decades, understanding result of the similar stories. The friend can simply вышвырнуть from a society(community), and it(he) concerning many students was more capable and "Н" hoped for correction of the villain, regularly bringing up it(him). This "friend" during everyone пьянки does(makes) any intrigues "Н", tries with it(him) драться, receiving on merits. After such получек all room does not talk with "Н", and only in some days asks amicably: " you what for again have beaten it(him) "? "Н" Them nothing speaks, and "friend" begins to speak about existence of the god, which denied earlier. Kill can not, means, the god is. Доказательно, however. "Н", after arrival in Kazan, from the damned village, November 12 1068г., immediately goes to the surgeon for check of a trauma of a head, but any snapshots and checks do not confirm fall and травмирование. "Н" Addresses to зам. The dean with the request to give академ. Holiday, explaining such necessity by the misses(passings) of employment(occupations). Зам. The dean there is a lot of наслышан about absolute abilities "Н", looks through his(its) data on progress and speaks, that "Н" easily will make up for the misses(passings). But зам of the dean does not know about partial loss of abilities "Н" after influence спец. Poisons by the director of school on consciousness "Н". "Н" Insists on holiday. Зам of the dean writes a paper in an ambulance station КАИ, which writes in a card about ostensibly concussion of a brain and the holiday is made out. The lost open abilities are not restored till now. Means, the special service has worked. It is obvious. Two сексота have executed the assignment(order) any мафии, braking "Н", knowing a prediction Нострадамуса and indication ясновидцев. Only идиоты not учли, that the abilities "Н" consist not only in speed and volume of usual memory, which anything general(common) with genetic memory has no. The genetic memory абсолюта "Н" conducts it(him) subconsciously, giving out the decisions in any conditions and situations. "Н" All - таки ends institute, all years passing examinations preschedully and without preparation. Fifteen minutes for preparation under the examination ticket are given to the students. All group отличников shivers before a door of an audience of the examiner, expecting a call, asking typical questions at earlier сдавших examination, students. "Н" goes always by first, is quiet and without preparation, answers. It(he) checks itself(himself), using the teachers. Then serves on a post of the general, easily decides(solves) many problems of sciences on faculties, does(makes) weight of opening and inventions, supervises over regional industrial association and, at last, decides(solves) problems of energy of a point. It was pleasant so to this "friend" to such ways to clean(remove) the competitors from a road, that it(he) has continued dirty these feats with other geniuses by the students and friends, вышвыривая them from group and cleaning(removing) with a road by another's hands, using techniques with alcohol. This шайка of the namesakes has scrolled other combination and with the father "Н" without alcohol, накатав lime "cart" in Kremlin. Шайку hates all village, and it(her) though that. "Friend" partially tries to smooth down fault, but at "Н" the abilities and many years are lost, about which long to speak. The pardon is excluded in connection with infinite damage, which now "friend" will fulfil on карме. "Friend" has turned in алкаша, works, where has got, has thrown a science and speciality, увлекшись by earnings of an apartment, works on a summer residence, beer, сигареточками and alcohol. The best people USSR learned(taught) to not aspire behind an apartment, money and pension - destiny обывателей, about what at one time at school "friend" spoke also. But greed and envy it(him) have broken. At "Н" all выжгли, have taken away, and it(he) does not deviate the purpose at any conditions conducted by the genetic memory абсолюта. "Н" While conducts supervision, research and partial change of a planet and stars. Мафия actively aspires to this to prevent. She(it) already used once poisoning "Н" in the beginning of November 1969г. with the help earlier conditionally condemned, (but all - таки working the director of eight-years(eight-summer) school, probably on сексотдоговору) for drawing of a trauma of a head to one of the peasants табуретом on a head. This, conditionally condemned, лжедиректор is covered with the numerous relatives in a village borrowing(occupying) every possible posts of village and area, спаивает of the teenagers and there is an access to хим. реактивам of school, including to мышьяку, hydrocianic acid etc., creating if necessary any kinds ядов. To kill a body, in which is "Н", it was not possible to it(him), since the abilities of genetic memory "Н" not only have rescued a body, but also have kept many absolute abilities абсолюта. "Н", hardly having touched lips to стаканчику with the poisoned vodka, instantly has disconnected consciousness of a body and has kept it(him). Лжедиректор and лжедруг, being are sure in murder, проволокли a body through some rooms and high thresholds from прихожей in a forward room, where some hours back behind a long table saw vodka the seeing off relatives of the recruit, and have thrown ruthlessly body under a table on a naked floor, having represented ostensibly degree алкоголизма, "сдохшего" "Н". Half-year back before it, лжедиректор, his(its) namesakes the relatives and brother of the former wife "Н" already used meanness(low act) against the father "Н", having written on the father ложь in Moscow Kremlin. The father "Н" worked the chairman of this village. It(he) gave back the salary on needs of village, leaving without money all family, but lifting a level of village, поя on the salary greasy воротил from Moscow and Orenburg coming полакомиться in the house of the chairman, suppliers, abusing with the rule,(situation,) of engineering, стройматериалов, spare parts etc., fixed on to the plan for delivery сельхозпродукции. Moscow and Orenburg never of obligations carried out, taking away all fixed on the plan from village and still free-of-charge resources from the state to a village according to the plans of mutual deliveries are much higher in the price selling through these воротил fixed. Because of impossibility to press подонков of the governors of Moscow and Orenburg, The member КПСС, deputy of regional Advice(council) of the Deputies of the workers, father "Н" is awful of saws, beating through day the mum "Н" in drunk перегаре, coming back for midnight from these подонков from Moscow and Orenburg, venting silently rage, not having the proofs about деяниях гнид. Сволочи the papers on the fixed resources could not sign, the engineering sat could rise, the plans were not reduced, and the destruction sat would be inevitable. Гербициды and пестициды, mechanisms and spare parts, automobiles and combines, seeder..., стройматериалы and coal, petrol and керосин, солярка and lubricant materials, прод. And промтовары, etc. All depend on hands гнид, though the state and was obliged to deliver for performance of the plan. The plan перевыполнялся, and подонки could refer to everything. Родственнички лжедиректора continuously tried to entice the father "Н" on celebrations and holidays, but the father already knew possible(probable) receptions of the villains and always refused. To it(him) sufficed highly put алкашей and обжор, which, coming in the house of the father "Н" is regular, сжирали all annual stock of money, meat, milk, яиц, vegetables and fruit etc., leaving hungry family. All this process "Н" also names as greed of the parents, which because of the greed to authority, could not from it(her) come off and to be the people, studying a planet and improving her(it) with the help of the existing laws of space. The envy of the parents "Н" was expressed in their continuous fights of findings - out of mind(wit) "Н". The father "Н" was the orphan on the mother in многодетной to family of the honour worker of. Zlatoust and since three years worked at a factory. Then the father has sent it(him) in village to a uncle, and it(he) has passed a science of an agriculture, worked the chief in Moscow Kremlin, and after death Сталина, summer 1953г., having left an apartment near Kremlin and having taken away family together with "Н", has left to lift a virgin soil on an appeal of a party(set) in Оренбуржье. There it(he) has finished Совпартшколу and many years worked the chairman of collective farms, deducing the most backward collective farms in most advanced, despite of спаивание it(him) мафией of Moscow and Orenburg. Родственнички лжедиректора in the spring and summer 1969г., having written on the father пакость in Kremlin, have achieved regional court, whence with a shame were exposed by the population of area, which loved and respected the father "Н" for his(its) exclusive diligence and true коммунистическую honesty in collective farms, where it(he) worked парторгом and chairman, being hereby коммунистом of village and member КПСС. That the father "Н" beat the mother "Н", on account of the peasants did not enter. All of them were the members КПСС, drank, beat the wives and children for it is necessary and ненадо, pursuing the scheme for rise from послевоенной of ruin the country. Differently(otherwise) to act at мафиозности of the monsters of the country and planet it was impossible. The slogans of general happiness of the country were not joined in any way to chaos, famine, ruin and absence of the men who have lost on war. All work sat carried out the women and children. They, without побоев and alcohol, could not sustain wearisome work round day, all-the-year-round on a technique of preparation of the champions of the world and Olympic games, but with допингом, prematurely wearing out without restoration. The pension to the peasants for their wearisome work was totaled from three up to ten roubles per one month. Did not overlook(forget) only selling, charging them of pension of hundreds and thousand roubles. The peasants were hardly fed, carrying out and перевыполняя the plans of deliveries The foodstuffs to the country. The salary to the peasants gave small and only on сельхозработах in the small periods. Exception made the small part is insignificant in the form of the teachers, accountants, librarians, киномехаников etc., and also several man of the workers of farms, which received stably, but too жалкие pennies. So, лжедиректор with лжедругом kill "Н" could not. While "Н" lived at this village, demonstrating the life and study of ability абсолюта, used in study and at work for performance of the plans of village, the flight родственничков лжедиректора, being сверстниками "Н" endlessly arranged пьянки or condition of life "Н", in which it(he) could not exist without participation in выпивках with сверстниками. Same was created in walls of a hostel КАИ, where lived "Н". If "Н" refused to drink, the students однокурсники and senior rates collectively threatened with beating, being the boxers, самбистами, штангистами. "Н" Of the beginnings serious trainings on boxing with the purpose to give отпор to collective in possible(probable) fight. Лжедруг пресмыкался before collective also created intrigues "Н". "Н" Has stopped to grow after a poisoning лжедиректором and friend, though before began to overtake in growth сверстников, grown-ups for years. Лжедиректор and лжедруг refer to self-fall "Н" by a nape about a threshold after выпивки in прихожей of that recruit. Present impact by a nape about a threshold from height of a head about two meters. The head all should scatter on slices, as it happened much later once at fall the man in Kazan under the stories of one of the eyewitnesses. Only "Н" for some reason at all has not received шишки, bruise of a head. "Н" Tried to kill сильнейшим ядом лжедиректор and лжедруг, seeing, that them мафиозность is powerless, and they can not far advance in a science the empty heads, since "Н" them will stop by honesty, sincerity and absolute mind(wit). Hardly пригубив стаканчик, "Н" has lost consciousness. It(he) perfectly remembers it, since was absolutely sober, and напоить it(him) then it was possible it is impossible even by a bottle of vodka. By year earlier same собутыльники лжедиректора and сверстники "Н", have compelled "Н" to reach on a holiday in one of houses of village, where also tried to poison "Н", having dripped яда in стаканчик, put to it(him) with alcoholic drinks. "Н" залпом has overturned it(him) in the throat on a general(common) example of the chapter застолья, ordered by all so to have a drink for first тост. Hardly alcoholic drinks has touched an internal cavity of a mouth "Н", as "Н" instantly выплюнул all contents стаканчика from a mouth under a table. It was necessary to prove evidence of a poisoning. "Н" Here takes стаканчик spirits from the neighbour and залпом it(him) swallows with sensation simple крепчайшего of alcohol - vodka. "Н" All has understood, but on group тварей not попрешь, they around, and to pass a way it is necessary. The several years later in the same house have taken place dirty event with his(its) honour friend who is taking place practice of the inspector in city and coming with wife to living opposite to this house, to coming with the The friend came back with the friend from club. They have seen гулянку in this house. One of former замов of the father "Н" lived at this house and collected quite often пьянки. The friends came to окошку гулявших, to understand, that there for noise, since дочки of the owner of this house were сверстницами of the friends. Suddenly of houses have jumped out мужики by crowd and have begun to beat the friends. The friend was the strong sportsman and champion of Sverdlovsk on самбо, which became at once after receipt in institute, having arrived from simple village - райцентра. It(he) easily has dispersed мужиков. Then those have seized axes given by the owner of this house and began to try to chop up of the friend, hoping on the majority, falsity and верткость on courts. Some scars remained on a head of the friend, but it(he) all the same has managed мужиков to calm. Now мужики were dishonoured. The friend has left for city. At the chief ГУВД "cart" from мужиков already laid. The friend worked in ГУВД. The chief has given the friend home arrest on some days, and the friends went for a walk on city, thus discussing having place. The chief ГУВД daily collected all inspectors of city about five o'clock in the evening, by all poured on двухсотпятидесятиграммовому граненому to a glass of vodka, forced all it to have a drink and itself almost залпом the glass drank. After that all missed on houses. Perfect justice. The friend told, how this chief forced to write ложь on the honour people as a result of a consequence, justifying the monsters сыночков мафиози of large figures КПСС and administration of city in 1972г. Then "Н" and friend in the late evenings were rolled with militia in ихнем to "funnel", in which the drunk militia гоняла on city, stopping the sober drivers, fined those ostensibly for a presence(finding) behind a rudder in a drunk kind. A reality, sirs wise men. What science of this planet, if continuous drunkenness of its(her) cities and villages, on faculties of high SCHOOLS, hostels of the students, at factories and in НИИ, etc.? The director of a factory have given a false degree, and it(he) мафии of an apartment, salaries and false introductions of nonexistent effective devices, technologies, machine tools, robots etc. " One for all and all for one ". All of us remember this motto, which carried out always from the party, but the villains of a planet spat on us and broke always oathes, on which they still have punishment without давностей of term, переносимое on their successors, irrespective of change anyone objective and subjective формаций, and from the reasons. Содом and Гоморра. A feast during a plague. Мафия proclaims equality, brotherhood and happiness, understands absurdity and is not capable to change a planet quickly, lost-free. The evidence of communications(connections) мафии at the careful analysis can be established. Everywhere alcohol and elimination of the perfect people of a planet. "Н" Develops организм up to a level, when can punish even collective of the sportsmen of the students for наезд on itself, stops to drink and finishes institute. It(he) has sustained infernal tests of wild works on лесоповалах, alloys in taiga, consulting(coping) with gangsters - уголовниками, rescueing attacking on The people, unloading uncountable tons of cargoes of cars, barges, building objects etc. etc. "Н" Has passed severe rates in КАИ, then on a post of the general in space radioelectronic armies. It(he) was the chief and trainer of a modular part on boxing, simultaneously by secretary of a bureau ВЛКСМ of branch and chief of account of group электронщиков. Through two it(he) year has returned in КАИ, investigated secret dirty(dirt) and advantage of sciences, has left on level of regional figures of authority in electronics, having in submission forty regional, factories on To electronic means with the right of creation at each factory, institutes of electronics. The director of each factory - on a post - general. Further "Н" has found variant of research of a planet and space, has made a number(line) of absolute opening and began to operate a climate of a planet, creating an in passing independent portable source of infinite energy of a point of measurements. The astrology is strong, and she(it) needs to be known, using all materials of a nature. Мафия, devil and astrology require(demand) to itself of attention. In 1984г. "Н" have warned, and in 1985г. again hardly have not killed. In 1984г. Kazan мафия offers "Н" again bargains with conscience, offering to enter the President of an Academy of sciences USSR in the co-authorship with it(him), threatening otherwise by punishment. "Н" Agrees to the basic authorship after mass attack мафии during many years before and trusting in gravity of the prevention(warning). Only мафия does not take into account again абсолютности "Н", direct - таки does not respect. Мафия writes the document on the right of the basic authorship "Н" and tries then it(him) at him(it) to withdraw by hands 300 men of a gangster Kazan grouping, which is calculated by(with) the honour employees КГБ USSR and inform it "Н". "Н" Codes the first variant Эфалд, being fundamental in comparison with hereby and мафия clicks зубками by cash department. But also "Н" now without money, and without access to the themes to works. Мафия is enraged, КГБ protects "Н" and the terrible game proceeds. The people shout, cry, and мразь plunders and steals! The chapter of trade unions Татарии gathers the boxers, itself coming on fights, Forcing to sign reception of the coupons by the trainers, and the coupons takes to itself. It(he) should protect the people, and plunders even гладиаторов, taking away at children The copecks, on which those expect, substituting the heads under fatal impacts by fists. "Н" is capable классно to train the boxers, to do(make) opening in sciences and to have absolutely everything, but how, if the terrible thief, has filled sciences and sports, sits above everything, surrounded academic ворьем? "Н" it(him) refuses in the signature on the coupons, being the scientific chief and trainer modular on boxing of the largest helicopter association. The bastard immediately untwists certification "Н", involving in аттестационную a commission of the selling villains. "Н" Spits on a dirty(dirt) and leaves again on construction under the free contracts. "Н" Can not work in госструктурах, since мафия it(him) жмет works and certifications, substituting преступными by actions and requiring(demanding) to participate in преступных operations. "Н" receives a sharp heart attack and is sent by the doctors on operation of heart, were silent planted(put) it(him) in the machine of first aid for sending from polyclinic in hospital. But "Н" does not wish under a knife to идиотам with scientific degrees and ranks, жаждущими to rummage at him(it) in грудной to a crate and heart. It(he) in hospital requires(demands) a magazine, in which writes the failure(refusal) of operation and leaves by the course, hardly not losing consciousness at each step. Up to an apartment, which it(he) removes it is necessary топать and to go half-cities, but the genetic memory is obstinate. Having arrived "home", "Н" finds out, that he(it) all still had rouble of money. The broken off half heart gives of smack egg желтка and does(makes) all организм разваренным in boiled water. The room, which it(he) removes, is in коммуналке with almost cardboard walls of rooms, filled алкашами. The toilet in the street of apartments on twenty apartments of several two-storeyed wooden houses of a court yard, in which at one time lived, being the student himself В.И.Ульянов. The Great Leader of proletariat well lived in Kazan. His(its) house a museum, near, simply imperial lock. "Н" Goes behind some kilometers on foot in переговорный item, orders negotiation with the parents. The mum all in tears, истерически on mad shouts and cries in the telephone from news. The end. The help again at all. "Н" Hardly доползает up to an apartment. In the morning creeps to терапевту and asks - whether it is impossible to issue physical inability on heart. Терапевт sent yesterday it(him) on operation, and today it(he) again here. In a lobby to терапевту the man forty. Already dinner. "Н" has stayed since morning. The turn does not come to an end. On a court yard the end of March. Storms a furious influenza. The woman терапевт матерится, shouting on the people, sitting in turn, through a door: " they that... ". Malicious, she(it) speaks делано by a kind vote: " I now shall help to you ", writes any бумажку in not clear language and offers to pass in some quarters to the specified address. "Н" Sincerely trusting it(her), goes there. On the part of a street of an input(entrance) in that building is not present. It(he) bends around it(him), comes into a court yard and finds there input(entrance). Having entered in a door, "Н" sees a ladder upwards, and below, after коротенькой of a ladder a door and standard табличку with an inscription "КГБ". "Н" Is pleased. The protection serious, means all seriously. Rises above on purpose(assignment), enters into registry and becomes in turn. Suddenly sees the former teacher КАИ on German language, perfect elderly woman, сильнейшего of the teacher, then very much appreciating knowledge "Н". She(it) too learns(finds out) it(him) and speaks: " where have met ". And it is more word. "Н" Does not understand occurring. To speak it(he) be not capable. Heart it(him) hardly works, sewing up the wounds most thin layers of a new fabric. Having received a direction in registry, "Н" rises even above. There it(him) переодевают in hospital clothes also show chamber with a bed. It(he) at once ложится in bed. Suddenly there are two large hospital attendants and require(demand) to accept tablets. "Н" refuses. They speak, that then will give an injection and begin to apply force. "Н", despite of the broken off heart, it is easy them rejects in the party by one movement of a hand. It(he) the recent champion of tournaments, it is not enough of cities and republics USSR and everyones самбисты, каратисты and штангисты for him(it) mean. "... As the boxer I work perfectly. Самбистов I appreciate only in a copper penny. And before to fall, I shall tell to you personally: " About, Жора, take mine макинтош... ". This song is known for all and not зря. Only it is not enough of it. To the aid to the hospital attendants approach ten larger hospital attendants. "Н" agrees on tablets, but зверье is зверье. They prick an injection. "Н" loses consciousness on some day. Очнувшись, sees трубки, колбы, and body on bed. It(him) have not spared, though the doctors have told, that it(he) can leave home at any time. Where? With the broken off heart and seven-ten copecks after negotiation with the mum. "Н" It is necessary to sew up heart and hoping on invalid pension. It(him) give tablets, as it(he) believes for treatment of heart. It(he) drinks them. A body деревенеет. The head begins to twitch as at the lieutenant in " Imperceptible мстителях ". Language and the lips do not work (leaving on years such property, gradually decreasing at regular голодании). Consciousness in the complete order. Than поят? What create? Who does(makes) it? It is clear, what works мафия лжеученых, but who is concrete? Passes two or three months. A feed(meal) is given by(with) three times per day, it is a lot of. But at "Н" the temporary registration in Kazan comes to an end. The time of a commission for physical inability approaches. The doctors refuse to give physical inability, referring on absence of a registration. Means, if hands and the legs will tear off, and the registration was finished, then and конечности on a place? "Н" Has come on a planet in a point and moment of birth of the certain person of the man, having incorporated at once with consciousness of this person together, but having the simultaneously infinite superiority in comparison with this person on the abilities, приравненным to levels of abilities of the gods of space a little bit(some) limited to opportunities of a body. "Н" Some time was afraid of the abilities because of an opportunity to destroy a body of this person, становившегося now and his(its) body. "Н" Should now enter into a role usual рожденного of the boy with unusual comprehensively ingenious abilities. Having the abilities абсолюта, it(he) only by one idea could cause and stop hurricane destroying a houses and сносящий of their roof, to cause rains, lightnings both tornados, and other infinite variations on a planet, stars and in galaxies. It(he) at first could not understand, that now his(its) body another and is unable to not notice such processes of global changes for mankind, stars and galaxies. In the books, which it(he) instantly has learned to read, the interdictions on such functions of the man were presented. Gradually "Н" глушил all abilities and, eventually, to it(him) even became very heavy them for restoring, to apply if necessary to protection against unpleasant situations. Sometimes interlocutors "Н" begin козырять by the scientific degrees and ranks, including high military, or large posts. Part of talents "Н" are already submitted on pages. It is possible still to add, that it(he) after the termination(ending) радиофака КАИ (having received a rank of the officer), served in space armies on a post of the general in some months after an appeal. A bit later it(he) supervised over the largest association consisting of forty factories on electronics, in which each of forty directors had a post of the general. On this post "Н" could by easy movement пера open any HIGH SCHOOL at each factory, with weight scientific, having the highest degree and ranks. By then on works "Н" have protected many doctor's dissertations. It is all empty and никчемная меркантильность. Карьеризм was always despised in USSR, as well as in environment(Wednesday) of talents and geniuses. That the man gives to a society(community), and that takes away from him(it) - main measured. It(he) asks the interlocutors not бравировать by the works from EFFICIENCY < 1. It, at least, is unethical. The mission "Н" consists in research of an opportunity of preservation of this planet and weight of star systems, switching здешние infinite installed and galaxies. It(he) was here voluntary, being by the chapter of Advice(council) of Great Space and before anybody, by nothing is obliged. The impracticability of his(its) mission can consist that by virtue of the objective and subjective reasons it(he) can not help with creation and introduction of an independent source "НГ" in sufficient scales for preservation of life on a planet. Let's decide(solve) problems of impossibility of introduction of an independent source because of the usual attitudes(relations) of a society(community) on the basis of consumption of existing kinds and forms of a planet ready to such consumption. While it is necessary to find ways of cooperation of the author of an independent source and societies(community). The outstanding person has the right to be free and independent, especially, taking place on a level of the gods of space. The crystals of transistors are considered(examined) in physics of a firm body. These considerations practically do not help the experts of electronics. Tunnels yes barriers - general(common) concepts, which is concrete in the circuits will not apply. "Н" Was torn in HIGH SCHOOL by hearsay from the teachers and senior comrades that there all and is studied, and that the school, school is a general(common) preparation. In institute to it(him) have explained errors of hearings, and also that the practice and конкретику needs to be comprehended itself. It is good, that it(he) independently began to investigate the circuits practically at school, collecting generators, receivers of direct amplification(strengthening), супергетеродинные, amplifiers and other units of electronic complexes, is independent пройдя preparation of a level of the scientists. Without electronics to not decide(solve) tasks of power, and furthermore infinite power. The gods on a planet already have visited, but could not decide(solve) general(common) tasks of power on a planet. The gods address to "Н", возвратясь from a planet in space " not солоно хлебавши " and require(demand) to permit(solve) to destroy in an absolute dust зажравшиеся of a planet and star. "Н" Listens to their arguments and occurs on a planet, passing inhuman пытки of the governors and лжеученых of a planet. It(he) outside of itself(himself) from fury, but continues researches, aspiring to not damage(injure) the gods in human and other bodies which are taking place still(even) here. His(its) forces, energy and opportunity are infinite, but the fury will not help correctly to estimate a situation. As on a planet absolute devil of space in a human body is found out. This fact complicates researches and explains many phenomena, earlier unknown "Н". Many gods, so themselves and not understood, due to refined ways пожирателей, supervising all planet ideologically, информационно, телепатически, парапсихологически etc., but all the same work honourly, investigating a planet for the report of results in space "Н", perishing on a planet from hands and actions подонков. They always can be distinguished on unpretentiousness, honour work, бескомпромиссности to плагиатству, hostility to trade in a science and other true functions of the god in a human body. Planetary мразь tries them to deduce(remove) from itself, offending and humiliating words and actions. " You look, as though at you крылышки have not grown ", " you correct ". By these and other гадостями, подлецы introduce in a society(community) the injurious plans, trying развести the dirty(dirt) and нечистот are larger, that their dirty(dirt) was imperceptible. Alongside with it, it is necessary to note and real objective errors of the present sciences following because of infinity, uncertainty, диалектичности and relativity, which speak only about infinite opportunities of energy of space, time and measurements. Having understood безобразность of teaching of physics at school and HIGH SCHOOL, "Н" was compelled regularly to reduce genetic potential by vodka and cigarettes to fall up to a level of the students and teachers КАИ, differently they could with them finish only physically, crowd. However subconscious genetic memory was unshakable, despite of such blasphemy above a nature and conducted "Н" in the necessary direction, gaining(helping) it(him) in the heaviest periods and deciding(solving) necessary tasks it is imperceptible for a society(community), not involving(attracting) attention идиотов. As a matter of fact, this memory, being also by relative object, passed on the measurements and worked irrespective of intrigues of the villains. She(it) could not be found out, and she(it) was shown as required. It yet do not understand and the properties, writing out to, "Н" after contacts to it(him) and reception from him(it) of the information, necessary to them, for плагиатов do not know умники. This memory - one of infinite properties of genetic memory, other phenomena and laws of infinite reason of space objects and subjects. It "Н" knew and remembered always, and rest excited it(him) a little. Before occurrence in this measurement it(he) has chosen a trajectory, (which here anybody, never and can not change in any way and correct), having fixed only communication(connection) with general(common) consciousness indissolubly and неподконтрольно to extraneous essences of space, planets and their abilities of consciousnesses, using the appropriate effects. The slice of his(its) space consciousness is present at an objective trajectory of a nature. Other subjects are present at the trajectories, cooperating among themselves and with "Н". Were in a trajectory, this slice of consciousness "Н" operates the certain space named body "Н". This body it(he) at any moment of time can leave(abandon) and return to structure of the general(common) consciousness. The subconscious memory "Н" is one of elements of this slice of consciousness and, simultaneously general(common) consciousness, passing from a slice to it(him) and back if necessary. For "Н" the problems do not exist. It(he) has come with the purpose of the control and his(its) tasks do not include disassemblies of the reasons of infringement here of normal existence of mankind, as though who did not try to it(him) it to impose, taxing duties and taxes. It(he) intensively works from the moment of transition in this measurement and has brought in such contribution for a planet, that to this planet already never with it(him) to pay energetically. The works spent "Н" on this planet, are fixed by his(its) employees in space, and it(he) does not have need about what - or to worry. Having created here independent sample, it(he) easily can it(him) reproduce on the native planet in indefinitely(indefinite) сильнейшем variant and in other forms capable to penetrate here instantly for the decisions of necessary here tasks. It is enough of operating time already also it(he) can come back to itself to a planet, if it is required. The duration of terms of realization of experiments with mechanical contacts instead of semi-conductor switchboards compels to engage in system engineering of synchronization of semi-conductor switchboards for filling a waiting time of these experiments by the most effective works. The researches of an opportunity of the subsequent creation of the machine of time plunging into tremor плагиаторов and other villains, arranged the dirty(dirt) in the Internet will be carried out(spent). The villains, representing the future in a naked kind, after opening the facts of their plunders with the help of the machine of time or simply strong energy, in every possible way turn, as something, on hot сковородке..


After opening in May 1980г, "Н" studied set of sciences. He(it) had serious library. Титанический the work by spring 1991г. strongly has undermined health "Н", despite of his(its) constant, but unsufficient because of shortage of time of training (it(he) was always сильнейшим the boxer and versatile sportsman). Weight it(him) was about 90кГ at small growth. Behind there was a sharp heart attack of heart. In the spring 1991г. it(he) was invited to an All-Union conference " a Phenomenon - 91 ", where has made a number(line) of the brilliant reports, and then it(him) have invited to session of the academicians behind a round table in a building of representation ООН on пр. The world in Moscow. It(he) has come a little bit earlier by rules of a military service, though it it was not required. On the second floor of representation ООН, in a lobby, already was famous "Инга", namely Инга Ивановна of Nikolaev - in that time recognized сильнейший the psychic USSR. They with it(her) have considered the offers "Н". She(it) quickly has understood, has recognized a reality of opening and little bit later convinced the academicians of necessity of immediate acceptance of measures on realization of works "Н" in a science and engineering. However during conversation she(it) has specified "Н" problems with health. To it(him) was it through edge(territory). He(it) had information on realization by the Russian people on голоданию within 150 day, and also book famous in west П.Брэгга " a Miracle голодания ". At once after session with the academicians it(he) has begun to голоданию " on Брэггу ". It was March 20 1991г. By then "Н" has written down all sessions А.М.Кашпировского on a magnetic tape. He(it) also had weight of the literature till UFO, in which also there were certain recommendations for improvement of health, and also on various directions of traditional and nonconventional medicine, which it(he) carefully already has studied, helping on its(her) basis to other people sharply to improve health, not having time on. Now it(he) throws all and голодает on water for 24 days. Sessions Кашпировского А.М., written down on a magnetic tape helped "Н" to transfer complexities голодания, alongside with the recommendations Брэгга and other literature. In time голодания "Н" was engaged in run, by earthen works on приусадебном a site and successfully applied during rest a technique Кашпировского А.М., knowing its(her) sense and technology from far time on the genetic memory. You see she(it) is extremely simple. Still Иисус Христос learned(taught) simply to trust and anything more. But the simplicity is гениальность at infinity of knowledge. It is possible at desire to find analogies in works "Н" and Кашпировского А.М., despite of distinctions of knowledge on some questions of the certain sciences, but leaning(basing) on general laws of electromagnetic natural phenomena, society(community) and man. Vain потуги, from the party of the hostilely adjusted elements of a society(community) to А.М. Кашпировскому, doomed on a failure. Кашпировского А.М. Supported the people, party(set) and government USSR. The success it(him) is unsurpassed also it взбешивает of the impostors and other unscrpulous part of a society(community). First large голодание "Н" was successfully completed in 24 day. It(he) began to have then weight of 63,5 kg, easily played двухпудовой by the weight, lifting and squeezing out its(her) average finger of a hand, the speed was highest at trainings. After that "Н" has lead(carried out) incalculable number многосуточных голоданий on water and without water, ate also of saws water of time twice or four day during 20 Years.

Парапсихология "Н"

Кашпировский А.М. Has played one of the main roles in the heaviest beginning of this difficult way and to it(him) "Н" sincerely wishes all successes, boons in the direction, elected by him,(it,) of the help to the people. "Н" Now continues experiments on end of an independent sample, and also corrects available knowledge of various sciences according to results of experiments. Speaking about management of infinite energy of a point, it is necessary to remember a role Исаака of Newton who has opened the famous third law, which could be deciphered by(with) the author concerning infinite энергий of a point. The author creates the theories and devices for management of infinite energy of a point with the greatest effects and advantage(benefit) to a nature, society(community) and man. Кашпировский А.М. Directly or indirectly, consciously or unconsciously, with devices or without them, but, by and large, operates this infinite energy of points of space, using results of management on advantage(benefit) sincerely wishing to receive improvement of own health. "Н" Has benefited from sessions of management Кашпировского А.М. Real and strong, using sound devices of record and reproduction for management of processes in организме in a positive direction at realization 24 daily голодания on water on Брэггу. In these devices on a magnetic tape there were records of sessions Кашпировского А.М., which at reproduction influenced the appropriate receivers in организме "Н" and carried out useful work. At one time per student's years "Н" subconsciously used a similar method of treatment of the comrades and friends, living with them in the native student's hostel. It(he) easily executed, without a stop, about 300 most popular songs of the Soviet composers and бардов, accompanying the guitar. Frequently comrades and friends by group came to it(him) in a room and asked it(him) to execute these songs, taking seat around in a room on chairs and beds. It(he) began to sing and to accompany, trying maximum to feel by them perception(recognition) of the execution(performance) of songs and music of a guitar on the appropriate reactions of their emotions. They at first closely(attentively) listened, perceiving most thin elements of melodies and sounds, images and compositions, then were immersed in own раздумия and gradually fell asleep, sitting, but did not fall and were not declined at all strongly. Their condition of bliss and pleasure was visible at the appropriate execution(performance). If "Н" distracted from management of their consciousness in a useful direction, bliss and pleasure began to descend(go) from their persons and ph. They began просыпаться, discontentedly changing the emotions from absolute kindness on usual reactions. "Н" was compelled to carry out their will to treat, feeling from them return treatment in организме. The execution(performance) of songs proceeded so long as "Н" did not begin to get tired, since 300 songs borrowed(occupied) 600 - 900 minutes of time for execution(performance). Weariness the friends and the comrades understood and also goods missed on the businesses before the following meetings. To facilitate the task, "Н" has written down the songs on the tape recorder and, not expecting effect, was convinced, that the friends and comrades reacted also, but now using the device. At them enough was звукововоспроизводящей of engineering, but they came to it(him). They have found out something new and unknown in execution(performance) of songs "Н". Кашпировский А.М. Has something new and unknown, creating the techniques, theme, compositions, texts etc. etc. It(he) the expert of the direction in formation(education), on spirit and essence. "Н" Reproduced songs of the composers, бардов and sessions Кашпировского А.М. The tape recorder with a conclusion remote динамиков on a street in a settlement, where at "Н" was the house with приусадебным by a site. During reproduction of sessions Кашпировского А.М. Around домика "Н" with all округи were going бабульки, being hidden from extraneous eyes, and were treated. "Н" Was finally convinced of absolute advantage(benefit) of sessions Кашпировского А.М. Even at reproduction them on devices of the first and second classes. Кашпировскому А.М. There is no necessity to carry out(spend) many sessions at the presence. It is enough to it(him) to write down already existing, to duplicate them on flexible disks and periodically to let out, supplementing new works. Devices and infinite energy of reason of a point let work. "НГ" continues creation of an independent sample of infinite energy of a point. Any point of reason is capable to give out from "anything" and to absorb in "without leaving a trace" infinite quantity(amount) of energy. Unknown earlier new kinds and forms of fields of reason of a points accompanying her(it) charges, it is possible to expect under the new formulas. It is not simply interesting, and it is required for life of the people, nature and society(community). "Н" Has understood force of management of reason through these phenomena in youth, executing songs under a guitar and owning some knowledge of electromagnetic processes of sound frequencies. If a song or music had new electromagnetic components of sound images, it interested "Н" and it(he) effectively executed these products under a guitar, operating the consciousness, and also consciousness of the students in the direction, necessary to it(him). But as soon as the reason had in capacity all images, which were presented it(him) by(with) the executor, it(he) pushed away the information of the executor. The phenomenon of pushing away of charges or fields of equivalent images already available at reason name as absence of novelty and interest. The stories "Н" about the abilities are intended that the people could understand, that the end to impudent behaviour of the villains in space and on a planet has come. They should give back the debts for last гадости in the previous life, and also in the present life, nothing distinguished from the previous life, except for amplification(strengthening) пожирания of a planet with the help of new technologies. By one of examples of the infinite power space abilities, "Н" demonstrates the opportunity to concentrate of infinite space energy in top of a space cone of infinite height with top in one of points of a planet. In April 1992г. it(he) has shown it in fund парапсихологии USSR to them. Васильева, at presence Н.К.Козиной, which at this time carried out(spent) employment(occupation) with the next group of preparation of the psychics, demonstrating the concrete abilities to distinguish of energy and to operate these энергиями on the schoolboys. Around of it(her) there were schoolboys, and she(it) worked with one of them at the centre of a circle. At the schoolboy his(its) bottom double was incorrectly located, were under a corner of 90 degrees from the appropriate rule(situation). Н.К.Козина has done the utmost for correction of a rule(situation) of the double, having applied even sacred water. She(it) was in confusion. "Н" Has not sustained. It(he) has collected a cone of energy in space, has directed his(its) top on the double and has put instant impact by this energy on the double mentally, were behind Н.К.Козиной. She(it) is strong вздрогнула and замерла. Then has come in itself, was convinced, that the double has risen on the fixed place, and began to speak, that the Absolute God has helped the schoolboy. Having learned(found out), that the schoolboy goes on "дальнобойщиком" in Rome, she(it) has advised it(him) to descend(go) to a monument Sacred Петру in Rome and through him(it) to thank the Absolute God. "Н" It could not transfer any more, and, that it(him) could not further decipher capable парапсихологи, has told: " to us with you, Нона Константиновна in a circus to work! ". In result she(it) has understood all on, and not having learned(found out) the present god, and with pleasure has continued the work on training. "Н" Easily distinguished subjects and colours in the closed envelopes on distance, found the lost animals on a card, operated and treated by any way of the people on distance, owned all ways and receptions парапсихологии. А.Г.Ли - the President of this fund, has offered it(him) a post of the Director of fund and has invited it(him) to TV for performance(statement), but "Н" has refused from only. It(he) has stopped putsch ГКЧП 1991г., had the purposes on a planet, and this offer was interesting to it(him), but could prevent achievement of the purposes. Н.К.Козина was физиком, electronics did not understand and forbade with it(her) to work to all schoolboys. It threatened with the conflict. Electronics releases(exempts) from slavery, and the misunderstanding it attracts to accident of a planet and stars. On a point, from which has come "Н" everything, from infinite quantity(amount) of taking place there essences, ideally own both electronics, and power, and all infinite functions of space and time. On a planet "Н" has appeared in February 1952г. "Н" It is easy, by one movement think caused in a village, where lived with the parents, various катаклизмы, if it(him) got emotionally or physically. There were of any force hurricanes at any time of year, in the summer falling asleep the village is not known whence by undertaken sand, breaking roofs from houses or rain with a hailstones etc. These катаклизмы were distributed on a planet. In the winter it(he) could cause at the night снегопады with thickness of a snow cover over two meters. The infernal blizzards and snowstorm for him(it) were as a toy against the villains, which somehow to it(him) could do much harm. On the contrary, knowing, that the products of a feed(meal) are necessary for it(him), it(he) in time caused the sun, rains, floods of the rivers, winds and other elements for existence USSR, being наслышанным about it(him) on information channels, as about справедливейшем the state. The villains understood, that it is necessary skilfully to lie and it is possible, operating emotions "Н", to extort huge arrived from crops. "Н" While it did not know, and all went smoothly up to поры, before time. As soon as with "Н" have created first largest гадость, all planet at once has plunged into an infernal nightmare. USSR began prompt fall, behind it(him) all was pulled соцлагерь, and has gone, was incurred(carried). But "Н" it was necessary to investigate a planet on a maximum, and it(he) studied in КАИ. In Kazan the January frosts with 1968г on 1973г stood in area of 30-40 degrees below than zero. At "Н" was easy одежонка, trams, the trolley buses and buses were not heated also it(he) does(makes) the first experiment. Draws in consciousness a rain in streets of Kazan in January 1975г. and temperature of air about 10 degrees of heat. Approximately up to средины of January 1975г. in Kazan there was a rain at плюсовой to temperature, as well as has wished "Н". Anybody on a planet to this was not surprised, all amicably have counted, that it already at one time was and now simply repeats. "Н" For the first time was struck boundless наглости, dullness of the people. "Н" Conversed with the known public academician, which asserts(approves), that the management of weather is one, and the management, for example, vegetation, is possible only there, in radio measurement, whence, say "Н" was declared here. Here, the pier, is impossible as there - has thought and has appeared. The academician lies. What difference, what energy to operate, if you спец. At the end of 80 years "Н" simply has presented at itself in a kitchen garden cabbage on полутораметровых кочерыгах, with which it(he) has planted(put) of pieces thirty. A bit later cabbage of weight about 10 kg in everyone to a plug, торчала on полутораметровых кочерыгах, nobody surprising. Only almost daily above a kitchen garden "Н" began to occur the strange military helicopter. In extreme situations "Н" elementary carries out functions of management of processes of any spaces and times. Examples of such managements it(he) has resulted much in the messages on a site. It is examples of management of weather, ясновидением, duels in sports, art, treatments of the people, study of sciences and nature, etc. Vivid example of management of processes организма are regular голодания "Н" during nineteen years. At training in fund парапсихологии USSR by him(it). Васильева, Н.К.Козина spoke, that it is very complex(difficult) to treat организм. However sometimes treatment организма is made easily, even in heavy cases. Once "Н" casually has broken one of the fingers on a hand by metal so, that the finger was instantly inflated in some times more diameter because of his(its) broken inside костей. It happened at the presence of the employee "Н". "Н" Has told to the employee, that now will include the abilities of management of space and time, and will check up them on the broken finger with the purpose of restoration of his(its) functions. It(he) has lifted the hand with the broken finger upwards and, looking, were silent on a finger, began mentally to operate functions организма and finger. In some minutes the finger was ideally restored together with it(him) костями. The employee was not surprised, since for a long time knew abilities "Н" in more serious processes. Once "Н" have got наглостью the inhabitants of a planet, telling about abilities of the outstanding geniuses so, that it(he) simply mentally has presented a drought in the settlement, that there was in it(him) a drought, and the society(community) began adequately to think. The drought began such, that a bit later about his(its) house the large group of the people with the priests, which have arrived from another(others) cities was going. The priests all the same somehow have found communication(connection) of a drought and residence "Н", and were very long asked near to his(its) house at the presence of group of the inhabitants. "Н", seeing sincerity of business, not understanding to essence, of the people and priests, has removed(taken off) the order on a drought, and all became normal. It(he) did not wish, that about his(its) house still have created a temple божий, though there place for this purpose sufficed. The society(community) is adequate to think and did not become. Мафия has decided(solved) by lasers to destroy "Н". November 16 1992г., in the half third night. The villains have struck by two laser bunches(beams) on the house, where lived "Н". It(he) has understood intentions гадов and has left houses. Even before impact of lasers, The firemen amicably filled in two next houses by water, and two burning points On the house "Н" did not extinguish. The points enabled of a sight of lasers from space. The points flared in diameters полуметра, but заледенелые бревна did not pass(miss) Fire inside of houses and пристроя. What for firemen filled in other houses and as they have learned(found out) about impacts by lasers Beforehand? By him(it) to be going and to go not so and it is pleasant. Who жег by lasers also paid to the mercenaries? Only President of Russia can give teams on such Impacts of lasers, and that, on military objects of the opponent, in military time. "Н" Is whole(as a whole), and his(its) house with property is destroyed. There was a case further such: "Н" Lived temporarily at a room of the Byelorussian station of. Moscow, since his(its) house сожгли by the laser weapon. In a room also priest with the woman and grandson temporarily has put up. It was the spring 1994г. In Russia there were heavy times. The family of the priest assumed to live week. In the street there was already some day a torrential rain. "Н" has told to the priest, that has the diploma of the psychic and something can do(make) improbable. The priest here has declared, that if "Н" the psychic, let rain will stop. "Н" to it(him) has answered: " you the grandfather better me would not lead up to extremes. Such rain is capable to stop only absolute god ". But the priest was relentless. It(he) has seen all kinds and miracles, and hated the psychics, as the church considers(counts) them not from the god. "Н" Has decided(solved) to show churches the functions, that she(it) not so мнила about itself. The window was open, the rain poured strong. The sky all was covered with continuous leaden clouds without attributes затишья. From дождевых of clouds was darkly. "Н" Has approached to a window and has opened in his(its) party the hands, has connected the consciousness with дождевым by space and began him(it) to operate. In some minutes the rain completely has stopped. _Внук of the priest here has told: " of the Grandfather! And rain is not present more! " The priest tightly, is restrained has broken off. In the evening all family of the priest помолилась, has had supper, has repeated a pray and улеглась peacefully to sleep. Наутро from the priest and his(its) families the trace has caught cold, though they assumed to live week in this room, because of the forecasts of rains.

"Н" Against a devil

It is a lot of variants of the attitudes(relations) of the god and devil is among themselves considered(examined) in information sources. It is known, that the god and devil are approximately equal on forces and try among themselves to not be at war. It is known also, that all the same god is stronger than a devil and, in case of disputes, it(him) wins. Being by the absolute god of space, "Н" has decided(solved) in the same spring 1994г. at the Byelorussian station to check up itself at meeting with a devil in human обличье. It(he) has caused a devil in электричку, where all places of seats were engaged, has taken the ticket with обратом and has passed of kilometers 30 in the car, where the devil owed and be present. "Н" It was possible to find a free place at return from trip and it(he) sat in the car электрички, believing, that the devil to it(him) did not manage to be caused. But here it(him) it(he) also has seen. The devil sat quietly opposite(on the contrary) and slightly наискосок "Н", vastly looking through "Н" in the car. He(it) had typical vast and wide person, it(he) was broad-shouldered and громаден. The hair was rich and high, but through them almost imperceptibly for eyes it was possible all the same to consider by a very close(attentive) sight рожки. They were height of centimeter three - four, not so sharp and in the basis had a diameter also three, four centimeters. Рожки were above than temples, and between them there was a distance of centimeters ten. It(he) has learned(found out) in "Н" of the absolute god and did not twitch, sat very intently, being ready to any actions "Н". "Н" For the first time tried the forces in the attitudes(relations) with a devil, when both were in human bodies and did not know result of meeting. But all the same devil was on meeting. It is the fact. It(he) was not afraid, did not behave aggressively, only was very close(attentive) to all occurring. Eventually, both of them have reached to Moscow. "Н" By first has left the car. The people on platform was much and "Н" more devil has not seen, though, if that was the usual man, it(he) had simply no pl to get to how together to pass to station. "Н" Has managed to cause a devil and was convinced of his(its) constant presence on a planet, but in various kinds and forms. About it повествуется in the various information of a planet. Simultaneously in the information the messages on unsufficient influence on it(her) of the absolute god take place, therefore there is a power skew resulting(bringing) in accidents. In the information there are messages, that the devil is one of the parties of the god, i.e. anger, fury, discontent and other similar functions of the god. In any case the situation is those, that the devil has penetrated into all spheres of a planet and stars, and it is necessary heavy process of correction and balancing of systems. Prays is perfectly, but it is not enough. Христос directly spoke what to be asked it is necessary so that it it was not visible environmental. Thus, prays can be real businesses and acts, which create kindness. Other business, that the man покалечен, and it(him) is impossible to create concrete things, therefore it(he) can it do(make) only abstractly or prays. But when the perfectly combined bogatyr with a pure(clean) body and reason does not wish to create the maximum forms of subjects by the hands and норовит only to be asked, and to dominate, filling бездонные pockets by money and building pyramids of authority, it(he) is absolutely clear, that completely in authority of a devil, representing his(its) god. The authority is not necessary to the god, it(he) абсолют, creator and founder. To the god are not necessary subordinated and it(he) to nobody is subordinated, even to all worlds taken together. Other business, that to it(him) a minimum of means for the minimum of means for a minimum of means for a minimum of means for a minimum of means for a minimum The authority is necessary only to devil, it(he) the consumer and пожиратель, is limited in the abilities and opportunities, and therefore and aspires to authority and money, trying thus to compensate the lacks, being covered the false purpose of improvement of life of the people, on business absolutely exhausting from him(it) all kinds энергий. The devil has introduced the crates in sets of kinds and forms of alive life on planets and stars, and it is necessary either their utter annihilation, or transformation. The special version of a devil is shown in the forms of a planet. For the present process of liquidation гнездилища of a devil is convertible and probably his(its) transformation. The authority is a possession of another's energy. If the man is unable to take possession infinite энергиями of points of an own body, and can use only энергиями of another's bodies, it(he) considers(counts) such way of life normal and aspires to live only thus as the child or devil. The child in утробе of the mother is the physical consumer of energy, participating only in general(common) processes of creation of sensations, осязаний and other functions for the mother. After an output(exit) from утробы, child try to learn independent transformation of other kinds of energy for existence without consumption her(it) from the mother. If the child приноравливается to swing energy from the people, without their consent, not transforming her(it) from a nature, such man name or вампиром, or similar essences. It also refers to as in a society(community) as authority, вуалируя such processes by various ways. Such man is not the owner of points организма, it(he) submits to them and tries to deliver them energy, being by their slave, but for this purpose it(he) does(makes) by the slaves of other people, in every possible way masking these kinds of slavery, thinking out them the beautiful names, post, rank, gradation, hierarchy etc. At attempt to open ложь of this man by other man, it(he) brings down on that all kinds of troubles. Actually possession of energy of points of an own body, is too authority, but authority pure(clean), infinite and not touching of another's points, if such authority is carried out correctly. Thus, it is possible to classify kinds of authority also on ways of possession энергиями of points of an own body, which also is indissolubly connected to all spaces and from time to time. Relativity of concepts of a devil and god, вампира and man, etc. etc. from here follows also In any case, the authority above the man is pure(clean) дьявольщиной, in what kinds she(it) would not be shown, and she(it) will be ruthlessly destroyed by the absolute god, being is not subject to any social revolutions changing the forms of authority - дьявольства, одурманивающей of the man. "Н" From the moment of occurrence on a planet did not understand essence of the god, being by him(it) and believing, that is somewhere same, as well as it(he), equal to it(him) or even more strongly it(him), is simple the people having absolute abilities on possession and transformation infinite энергиями. However on this planet it(he) at once has not understood, that occurs, trying at the moment of occurrence to take advantage of the abilities of dispersion of enemies through an idea, vote or body. Has appeared, that by a present body it is necessary to learn to operate, moreover not only body, but also здешним by space. Besides here it(he) has learned(found out), that there is a certain devil, which many in earnest present can not, but some well know it(him), by their representations. "Н" Already повествовал about meeting it(him) and devil in the spring 1994г. Now it(he) tells about it more in detail. One young woman has asked "Н" to present a devil in the consciousness, and it(he) easily has made it, perfectly having seen it(him) as alive, but assuming, that it only imagination, since considered(counted) all stories about a devil as inventions, you see on the point it(he) easily could of a devil transform into everything, and considered(counted) unnecessary to pay on him(it) attention. In this body it(he) began to understand, that it is necessary all to study, using whenever possible by that body, having understood, as it to do(make) from here. The woman asked it(him) about representation by him(it) of a devil in consciousness. She(it) has told: " could not you see in the consciousness of a devil. Then she(it) has asked to check up its(her) biofield, to modify it(him) on distance, to carry out(spend) her(it) in church, in sacred Russian places of Moscow, and then on электричке up to houses. She(it) lived in Катуаре on Савеловскому to a direction ж/д. Late in evening "Н" carried out(spent) her(it) up to Катуара on электричке. Электрички back for some reason for a long time lingered over, and first has arrived for midnight. The people in электричке was much. Entering in a back door of the car, "Н" has seen at the left free place and has sat down. All places a compartment, thus, have appeared are engaged. "Н" sat in the middle benches, person to a door, in the first compartment, if so is possible to be expressed about places in электричке. Suddenly it(he) has seen, that opposite(on the contrary) and slightly more to the right sat the man of a vast constitution, with the vast person very similar on represented day "Н" at a devil, represented That borrowed(occupied) at once two places by the body and was higher than others sitting in электричке of the adult not sickly men a head. His(its) head and person were of time in 1,5 more largly, than at the men, person светло - grey with brownish and red equal shades. "Н" Began to peer closely(attentively) at his(its) forms and has found out by a sight practically invisible рожки on a head of darkly brown colour were somewhat reminiscent dairy dummies the cow under the form. Рожки so were skilfully hidden in a hair, that they practically could not be found out if not to assume it and long to not peer, that, probably, devil would not allow to make to anybody, except for абсолюта. It(he) could simply all car with the people transform into everything, having the opportunities and the exposure with the witnesses was not necessary for it(him). Only here, opposite to him(it) already sat абсолют, against which the devil is powerless. But the body of a devil was larger than a body "Н". "Н" yet did not own enough this body to understand with a devil immediately. There was a ridiculous accident, if certainly not other. The woman here is involved. Who she(it)? What she(it) wanted? Here "Н" has understood all. Why the woman has arrived to it(him). Why asked to present a devil etc. There is a process of adaptation "Н". The people begin to understand his(its) functions, for the present not врубаясь in essence of business and being confused because of unsufficient обученности "Н" in this weak body, which, constantly improving a body, forms new communications(connections) with the basic body etc. It became clear, that the devil enters into this measurement or exists in it(him), but uses Савеловское a direction. В.С.Высоцкий also повествовал about kinds of a devil, living near Савеловского of station. Having arrived together with a devil on Савеловский the station, "Н" after an output(exit) from the car it(him) any more has not found out, how tried it to make. Whether that has left in a tail of a train, whether has managed to disappear in crowd, despite of the dimensions, which have many people. "Н" The next day has told to the psychic to the professional with the fifty years' experience about happened. That at once has told: " It there was devil ". Earlier "Н" simply represented a devil on film " Night before Christmas, or evening on farm близ Диканьки ". Now it(he) saw by his(its) real. After happened, "Н" saw many films with similar representations of a devil and has understood, that it not inventions, and reality, which there is an essence, were in other body, besides from which "Н" has arrived here with inspection. In the absolute body it(he) it шута would not notice, but in this body began to understand problems of mankind and other worlds which are not having forces, similar "Н" in a body абсолюта. Thus, the devil is a next reality of a planet and stars, which is neglected by(with) the figures of sciences of a planet the Earth. For disrespect for itself the devil revenges a science and villains. It(he) is strong, but at him(it) of a horn and any habits, which are unacceptable for the people. It(he) cannot be destroyed, and it is possible only to translate on measurements, as well as people. Of it(him) are afraid, not finding ways with it(him) of struggle, except for prays and other rituals. "Н" Now represents variants of management infinite энергиями for the people, that the people more were not afraid of a devil and could with it(him) if necessary easily communicate, that it(he) could not to somebody harm, preventing his(its) similar intentions with the help of infinite energy. But it is the assumptions and hypotheses, at all theories, and furthermore not practice.

Forces of the god

The attempts some грамотеев наизобретать various constant kinds and forms of energy, doomed on a failure. Such inventions can be accepted by a false science on a dirty planet. In mythology the terrestrial gods with their king Зевсом and his(its) son - half-poor Гераклом are known. It is known, that Геракл had some real functions of the god, which were expressed of more strongly similar, some, known functions of the Christ. The force of functions of the god in a body human, is caused only by cleanliness of a body and planet, on which this body functions, in spite of the fact that in this body there is a consciousness of the god or абсолюта. To execute will of the god or абсолюта, space, the time and measurement should be received by(with) the appropriate teams which are taking place from consciousness, through a body and intermediate space, thus a kind, the form and size of energy of a transmitted signal, will depend on quality of a line of transfer of these teams. In points, whence on a planet the god абсолют has arrived, ideal bodies, space and measurement, therefore all ideas, desire of the gods and абсолютов there are easily carried out in practice. This planet before загажена by radiating activity of the people, устремившихся faster her(it) сожрать and загадить by radiation, that on it(her) the functions of the gods and абсолютов are carried out slowly. The villains have time to react to them with the help of the weapon or vast weights of the subordinated people. The planet continues, to be rolled in time, threatening absolutely pure(clean) space. Same concerns similar planets and stars and it is not necessary to dream about, ostensibly, radio measurements of the gods and монад, which exist only in heads of the visionaries polluting particularly a planet, and writing off(copying) гадости on a bluff of ethers, which, say, do not understand. "Н" It has understood, as well as variants of the phenomena of functions of the god Геракла and Christs shown easier on purer(cleaner) planet. It is known, that when Зевс once has come in a human body, of it the villains of a planet, in every possible way scoffing above it(him) and threatening here have taken advantage to kill, having overlooked(forgotten), that Зевс the god and, having returned in the measurement, will punish them therefrom with the help of electromagnetic waves. The human body has not allowed it(him) to transfer the appropriate teams in space, time and measurements without preliminary study of this body on a method " Learn itself ", than подонки at once have taken advantage, and subsequently were destroyed Зевсом. Христос also after an output(exit) from a human body has punished the originators, but it was then, and the villains and thieves live only in afternoon today's, hoping on the best day future(next) and, despite of pitiable examples of their predecessors, follow by a rate of a dirty(dirt). About these чистотах and нечистотах constantly speaks "Н", hoping, that mankind it will understand, will clean(remove) the dirty villains and will begin to follow worthy for existence in space by a way. With this purpose "Н" demonstrates principles of creation of ideal amplifiers with concrete initial examples of their manufacturing and check, which allow to check up cleanliness of a planet and consciousness of its(her) inhabitants. That the inhabitants of a planet not пожирали also contained her(it) in cleanliness consisting in an interdiction of use of nuclear, neutron, hydrogen and other similar radiating kinds of energy, "Н" demonstrates variants of check of real devices of management of absolutely pure(clean) infinite energy of a point. The absolute god is an absolute managing system by all kinds and forms энергий of space, time and measurements. As though man wished, but the absolute god also is always relative, is infinite and неопределен. The space always requires(demands) time, and the time requires(demands) space and all actions of any absolute system of managements have delays, distortions and other components of structure of functions of electromagnetic fluctuations and waves. Certainly, on that and абсолют, that it(he) carries out all these functions absolute, concerning the observer, differently as those it(he) would not refer to as. Абсолютность does not eliminate errors, but at абсолюта they aspire to zero faster, than at other executors of managing functions of transformation of kinds and forms энергий. The mistakes of the simple ingenious people are, that they, having tested themselves in the elementary forms of struggle with themselves similar, drive in to themselves and another in a head the nonsenses based on unsufficient knowledge of a planet and space. Then, these nonsenses, they try to correct by another's hands, having understood ничтожность, but trying her(it) to hide. The point has always infinite energy. Without паяльника and devices it to not understand, though infinite knowledge have, though be everybody. Only independent manufacturing of the device allows to have reliable knowledge. Абсолют itself паяет and itself checks. As it(he) does(makes) it, unimportantly, but it(he) always does(makes) it. "Н" Has shown, that at first it is necessary to finish manufacturing of an independent sample, but only then, taking into account uncertainty, it is possible to put and to decide(solve) short-term tasks. Still it is not known, in what direction or more precisely to tell, in what weights of directions it is necessary to work. For example, some vacuum electronic devices allow, at the same dimensions, to receive higher of energy, than other semi-conductor devices. On the other hand, the infinity allows to assume an opportunity of reception of semiconductors with the indefinitely large power characteristics in infinitesimal volume.

"Н", weather and power

For the majority of the participants of the project is known "Н", capable to operate set of real processes in a nature, including weather on a planet, using the gene. It(he) has agreed to present a part of the information about itself(himself) and works on such management. Such management is an original science. "Н" Has permitted(solved) to represent his(its) information, and we name it(him) "Н" or "НГ". "Н" Lives at Moscow and during a number(line) of years successfully raises temperature of this city for decrease(reduction) of the charges of energy of the population in the heavy autumn, winter and spring periods, using the genetic abilities and acquired knowledge of properties of electromagnetic fields in work with the radioelectronic equipment, being by the author of the numerous inventions and opening. It(he) uses various types of electromagnetic fields and their combinations for the works. "Н" Applies practically knowledge of management of spaces and from time to time to change of flows of heat on a planet, directing them on various trajectories. This work it(he) carries out due to the knowledge, high sensitivity организма, cleared by the experience голодания more than twenty years, high sports preparation (it(he) the repeated champion many championships and superiority(championships) of elements USSR, several decades on boxing in weight categories with 67 till superheavy weights), maximum technical formation(education) (in the field of radioelectronics) and other characteristics. The field of energy of the attitudes(relations) - is essential - fundamental the phenomenon, property and law open for the decision of theoretical and practical problems. The management electromagnetic, gravitational, thermal, dynamic, potential etc. by components of a field allows to receive infinite EFFICIENCY, transformation of kinds both forms of space and time, and also new kinds and forms of movement. The formulas of the author allow to expect parameters of fields as the certain sizes, to deduce(remove) the new formulas with application known in a science and with the account диалектики, which can be applied particularly on themes of the projects. The speed "Н" is defined(determined) by his(its) abilities to operate energy of points of fields of space participating during performance of changes of sizes of space. For example, changing the certain sizes of parameters of fields of spaces, it is possible to operate weather on the given sites of a planet. In this process the speed of change of a climate plays an important role. On the average "Н" is capable to change temperature of Moscow on half-degree for one day in one direction of a vector of temperature, that results in change of a climate up to fifteen degrees for one month in a direction of heat. While there is an intense long work in a direction of the long-term analysis of results of influence of such changes on a planet as a whole and particulars. Here it is impossible to hasten and it is necessary to analyze all climate of ground for reception of cumulative effect in order to prevent distortions континуума of time and other parameters of a planet. "Н" Has appeared on a planet in a point of 50 degrees of breadth and longitude, from which on the data Great Нострадамуса the man varying a history of a planet should appear. On sciences of an astrology from here it(he) leaves in the Gods. "Н" Has come from far infinity at the request of Great Advice(council) of the Space Persons for study of an opportunity of improvement of a situation in these numerous star systems, in connection with the numerous complaints on the part of the inhabitants of these star systems on impossible conditions of existence on the Earth. From an indefinitely far point, where "Н" there was before an occurrence here, it(he) could easily destroy by movement only of fingers of hands any indefinitely large star systems, pounding them in anything. There Great Space Advice(council) has addressed to it(him) with the request to destroy these star systems for exception of distribution bad энергий from them on infinite space or, having understood in a situation, to try to remove lacks. Closely(attentively) considering(examining) these systems from far infinity, "Н" has appeared here. Generically it(he) is capable to operate huge энергиями through the reason. However in this body of his(its) ability are badly shown because of the worsened filtration of signals from objects owing to strong pollution of a nature . It was necessary in to hardest conditions to study this polluted nature on materials of information sources and with the help, them(him,it) of the created electronic engineering. The multimonthly colds of Russia prevented to carry out study of an essence of business. "Н" Is compelled to take away a part of the precious time and energy on adjustment of temperature, planet, Russia and in particular of Moscow. Adjustment it(he) carries out at direct participation of the genetic functions and энергий, acquired in the indefinitely removed point, alongside with received here. His(its) that far point is one of infinite and unknown here of kinds of measurements and fields. Genetic abilities "Н" to management infinite энергиями now are known. There is an assumption of analogies of processes of management энергиями through reason "Н" and systems of the theories. However it only assumption because of infinite opportunities of reason, besides very long time ago trained at "Н" to such processes. Now it is clear, that the false belief and reality are incompatible. It(he) took possession instantly of all knowledge and skills in any kinds of work and sports. If all others a maximum could master on a high level one or several kinds of sciences, sports, trades, for him(it) of borders any were not. However it(he) was stopped by(with) something not clear. It something, in the end - ends, has cleared up as impudent and unprincipled lie by various circles of the scientists and политиков. Has appeared, that these circles are not able and do not wish to do(make) abundance, and want, that someone by him(it) should have created it(him), and they will be always Great Persons. Besides in a science an opportunity of reception of infinite energy from a point also is impudently denied. It(he) began to create independently systems for check of infinite energy of a point with the purpose of an opportunity to not destroy these huge star systems, and to transfer(translate) them in a correct channel. The creation of the theories has convinced it(him) of continuation of the researches. But for this purpose is necessary strong, pure(clean) организм. To clearing организма "Н" applies various processes and ways. It(he) some decades does not use spirits drinks, in any kinds and quantities(amounts), does not smoke, constantly is engaged in sports. Голодание "Н" of the beginnings to carry out(spend) in March 1991г., at once with three-week голодания, on water, " on Брэггу ". Then has lead(carried out) a lot of fortnight голоданий on water and has passed on six-day time dry голодания " on Иванову ". After ten years such dry голоданий it(he) began to accept food and water once in two - four day. Weight at him(it) kept excellent(different), allowing to do(make) exercises with двухсоткилограммовыми by weights till twenty approaches during trainings in some days. The trainings were carried out(spent) daily till 16 hours per day. A feed(meal) "Н" practically almost excludes salt, sharp seasonings, coffee, tea. It(he) constantly works in a direction of adjustment of temperature of Russia, not stopping development of the circuits under the theory, studying, first of all properties of charges at a new level and using the genetic memory in these directions, since the similar circuits to it(him) should be developed still indefinitely for a long time. "Н" Informed the genetic abilities to see last, present and future under the certain circumstances. It(he) received the various diplomas: maximum formation(education), lecturers on some disciplines, judge of an all-Union category and trainer on boxing, psychic etc. It(he) has predicted after some months explosion Чернобыльской АЭС. In 1991г. has transferred to one of the academicians at the presence of the experts of a sketch of the large group of UFO above a planet (here, irrespective of him(it), the same sketches has transferred to the same academician and other man). In youth it(he) easily beat in any games, cards, lotto, домино, tennis and billiards of the opponents, feeling electromagnetic fields of consciousness images, invisible by an eye, of the future processes of games and were guided these sensations almost instantly. It in philosophy refers to as as intuition. "Н" Easily came into contact to biological essences and they trusted it(him), allowing to cooperate at a level телепатии. During several years after birth it(he) saw through photos real other world, as through a window. Before transition in bodies of the man "Н" has visited in several bodies of various animals and, having seen illiteracy of the people in relation to an animal, has stopped such experiences. It(he) perfectly remembers transitions presented by the man as death and birth. Studying electronics, "Н" recollected, that this science for a long time passed in the measurements, but on more high level. At last, it(he) simply has passed to management of weather and creation энергогравитационных of systems from a point, doing(making) the message to the project. The direct communication(connection) of gravitation and electromagnetism proves to be true also by experiments of creation of the device from EFFICIENCY much more than 1 on the basis of the electronic circuits. The phase transitions are elements of categories of time, the same as and скважность of a pulse. The author has shown change of kinds and forms of charges in the circuits. This change can be considered(examined) as well by origin of mobility. Разнообразность language терминологий follows from infinite opportunities of the formulas of the author. It(he) does not deny, Chinese symbolics of "duality", the infinite quantity(amount) of any variants and combinations of the circuits, processes and structures, matter for preservation, change and transformation, destruction, creation of its(her) uncountable kinds and forms anyone of the beforehand given or spontaneous characteristics and parameters, independently, from what kinds of fields acts energy on these purposes. The problems of the absolute and simple gods coming on a planet, are, that they can here be in the certain bodies of a planet (human, animal etc.), that many people can not understand. Unfortunately, to be trained life of the people with the purpose of performance of operations of the god in a body of the man, i.e. to live simultaneously in roles of the god and man, the long time measurable by time of a planet by several decades and it for performance of the elementary functions of the god is required коими the man is not satisfied, denying such god. The man wants to see infinite capacity of the god in конечностях of a planet and its(her) concrete points to be convinced of the validity of the god, instead of superman of the superman. The man does not understand, that at inclusion of infinite capacity on a planet, the planet simply instantly will evaporate. "Н" Therefore demonstrates final capacities of energy, which work from anything infinite quantity(amount) of time. "Н" Tries to explain to the people from the moment of occurrence in a human body, who and whence it(he), but all understanding it(him), is amicable to it(him) explain, that they the same newcomers on this planet and that by nothing are worse than it(him), so also it(he) not абсолют. When for the first time people have declared it(him) such, it(he) has thought, that can they too абсолюты and also here suffer and are tormented, as they aspired it(him) always to overtake in all human life or even in his(its) particulars. It was necessary to study, to understand and to expose cunnings of the people, what needed decades. The planet is huge for scales of a human body and has the multimilliard population, and the information channels aspire перекачивать the information at "Н" and in every possible way to dream the assumptions of his(its) future actions. It to them is not given. Others абсолютов, except for "Н" on a planet in an accessible kind do not exist, differently it(he) would find out them телепатически and they instantly would begin to work together with infinite increase of productivity. As on hot сковородке spin лжеученые of a planet, wishing though in something to outstrip "Н" with power, being hidden, not recognizing is open of his(its) works and merits. To object it(him) they be not capable, being побиты for мерзости and nonsense in the Internet. The time goes inevitably. Last works "Н", говорящие about speed end of an independent sample, are recognized conducting парапсихологом and academician in the field of power, physics, the electrical engineers, at conversation on the phone within two days (it is natural with one hour's intervals). The academician there are a lot of years, carefully prepares for such acknowledgement(confirmations), concentrating on directions of work. Earlier "Н" asked it(him) продиагностировать the previous works, to what the academician has not reacted at all. It became clear, that was still early. Absence in sciences of knowledge of the phenomena, properties and laws of the real attitudes(relations) in space and time. Distortion of this knowledge by philosophical and other compositions in the forms and kinds indefinitely far from the valid reality, found out by researches "Н" on a planet, have compelled it(him) to decide(solve) tasks of representation of functions of division and to present them on a review to mankind for the decision of problems of a planet. This compelled necessity further has resulted in the decision of tasks of power of a planet by a way of switching of elements of electrical circuits in any scales under condition of presence of acceptable technology and element base appropriate to the requirements of real designs of working models and samples. Бесчестность and бессовестность of the certain groups " dirty людишек ", облаченных in scientific and other clothes with appropriate регалиями, sharply reduces an opportunity of introduction of the decisions "Н" for overcoming crisis of a planet. Some of very обнаглевших of these groups is direct to it(him) declare: " you will not give! " Interestingly - for whom "Н" tries? It(he) can return to any instant in the measurement, where is the chapter of Great Space Advice(council). Therefrom there will be an instant influence of the gods on экстремистски the adjusted congestions, пожирающие space, this planet and stars. Unless "Н" asks the sanctions to research? Nobody in forces to resist to it(him). The bastards begin to twitch, representing the gods? Whom also what they will not give? "Н", during decades, investigates diverse properties of a nature, society(community) and man on a planet, comparing results of these researches with researches and their results on other planets of space with higher forms of life. On this planet the mankind costs(stands) on a too low level of development, relying on the sensations and perception(recognition) of space, and denying an opportunity of life in it(him) by results of researches of official false sciences. The nonconventional sciences do not admit as bodies of the states by the criteria and as a result their influence on development of mankind unsignificantly, though in these sciences there is a lot of invaluable information alongside with erroneous, as well as in official sciences. The preservation of life on a planet is possible only at continuous opening and introduction of new properties of infinite energy of a point and circuits of its(her) management. The attempts of the man to use another's external sources of energy, doomed on a defeat. Anybody, never and anywhere will not allow gratuitously, violently to take energy extracted by a heavy way of researches and creation, kinds, required for it, and forms (with the help of a control system of internal infinite energy), what the star and planetary systems created by unknown civilizations and are supervising them. It is allowed to mankind temporarily to use the ready forms of energy on a planet. This time comes to an end and, for preservation of unit of life, the man is obliged to operate properties by infinite energy of a point, receiving required kinds and forms энергий. There is a set of questions to "Н" and other inhabitants of planets and space. It is possible to define(determine) the order of these questions and attempts itself on them to answer from the party. If measurement "Н" such strong, why his(its) inhabitants be not capable easily to decide(solve) problems even of power of ground? The answer: attempts to decide(solve) a problem of power of ground many times already was. The participants of Great Advice(council) of Space spoke about it "Н" on last advice(council) before transition "Н" here. Nobody has consulted(coped) with this task for the objective reasons. The time of the decisions was almost finished, and it was necessary to accept emergency measures. The inhabitants (man, флора and фауна) ground in the majority obstinately follow by a rate пожирания and another to know do not wish. It is few of variants. In case of absence of the good decisions of this task by the envoy "Н", the chances at ground practically remain. It(he) now works and the patience is necessary. By quantity(amount) of the numerous friends at "Н" and information on desire to create an infinite source of energy by the participants of the similar projects known in the Internet, the chances amplify.

Transitions "Н"

The transitions "Н" can be represented by various ways. It(he) informed, that from his(its) measurement, the processes of transitions in our star systems (galaxies installed etc.) occur cyclically. These cycles are visible from measurement "Н" as periodic ring trajectories of movements perceived here life and death. This information it(he) already represented to the various experts during several decades. In result the similar information from other authors has appeared. "Н" Represents the information спецам. After his(its) stories about transitions some students assert(approve), that they same, and begin some to compose in the editions, that they even more abruptly. However really can only тучки disperse by hands, and that, after the messages "Н" about the adjustment of weather with the help of hands. If same, go on contact, we shall talk. Fortunately, "Н" holds back especial subtleties of the measurements and opportunities, with which help are easily caught жалкие лгуны. They also are hidden. What functions used "Н" for instant moving on measurements? It still long should be found out. At him(it) strong genetic memory generated in other conditions up to transition in our measurements.

"Н" And scientists

Due to the genetic memory, "Н" is capable instantly to decide(solve) exact logic tasks, excepting false directions at a level of subconsciousness. By comparison of existing knowledge with the last knowledge received in his(its) measurements, it(he) promptly leaves in development of sciences of infinite energy of a point. It(him) therefore do not understand and are not capable to understand many modern сильнейшие the world(global) scientists. But all the same there are on a planet those who partially can understand his(its) theories transmitted from him(it) to a society(community). Slowly, but is correct, the scientific and technical progress again begins to grow. The devil is not restrained with the defeats on various directions безудержной алчности, influences on абсолюта by every possible methods and receptions, brakes his(its) variants of works and tries for one million dollars to buy at абсолюта an independent sample of a portable source of an infinite point of measurements, capacity several киловатт under a kind of alternative energy, transferring the agents to the representative "Н". The sirs, помилуйте! What millions dollars for infinity of energy portable автономника with киловаттами of capacity? Here there should be infinite money or similar cooperation of the richmen, author and people. Who receives such device, that god not in a human body, and man - god. Any richman with anyone сверхсупермегагигатератриллионами of dollars escapes starkers on idle time островок with simple солнышком, idle time травкой, idle time водичкой, курочками, петушками, коровками, козочками, рыбками, birdies and other unpretentious representatives peace флоры and фауны. Киловаттный автономник with the thermal pocket laser, fastened to it,(him,) (which now is sold in known places), will ensure(supply) creation absolute such островочка even deeply under ground with simple солнышком, idle time травкой, idle time водичкой, курочками, петушками, коровками, козочками, рыбками, birdies and other unpretentious representatives peace флоры and фауны. Mankind and gods came into impasse many millions years trying to decide(solve) problems of energy on a planet and in space, due to stability of kinds and forms of final displays infinite энергий of a point, in summary stability of dogmas about impossibility to decide(solve) tasks infinite энергий, подвластных only абсолютам of space. To decide(solve) a task of infinite energy of a point, it is necessary to have special functions of the absolute god of space (абсолюта), which is "Н". The gods and genius the people are capable to decide(solve) only tasks. The gods decide(solve) tasks of separate infinity of displays, infinite energy of a point. The people are capable the genius to decide(solve) tasks final энергий of a point. Only абсолют is capable to process an infinite material of the ciphered works of sciences of a planet, which contain all functions of a general view, at certain which variations it is possible to formulate the decision of a task of infinite energy of a point of measurements and to lead(carry out) concrete experiments allowing further to pass to creation of the independent device infinite energy of a point. The man should at first take possession of functions of the god, which can be developed up to a level абсолюта for the decision of similar tasks. The attempts to express these tasks and decisions by engineering language, are similar to attempts to fly to the man hardly creeping by the ground at all his(its) abilities, вере and desires. Anybody from the people has no right to name itself as the scientist, even having the state documents with a degree and rank of the scientist, if it(he) independently is not capable to open the equations, formula and circuit, absolute scale with concrete practical examples created by same man. The states do(make) irreparable mistakes, giving out the diplomas of the scientists, people not appropriate these requirements, since presence of such diplomas профанизирует a science, causing undeserved contempt for the present scientists. Only therefore many societies(communities) and the present scientists despise the diplomas, certificates and other documents, irrespective of their ranks and giving out bodies. After the publications of works развелось set of the swindlers and visionaries publishing хитросплетенные of a forgery ostensibly of devices, devices and circuits from EFFICIENCY more unit. The false publications withdraw the readers from real works, but gradually authors - swindlers and visionaries distinguish, though they have influence in the Internet. Simultaneously, some academicians try to lower(omit) infinite merits of works of the author and real functions of his(its) devices infinite энергий of a point, empty doubts which are not having of any practical basis. These academicians still yesterday were the opponents of EFFICIENCY more unit. Today, having seen real devices, equation, formula and circuit of the author the same opponents again act against the author, but now referring on the devices, ostensibly created by someone, from EFFICIENCY more unit. Unreasonable, rough, impudent and unprincipled хамелеонство as the story А.П.Чехова, them does not confuse. They лезут in various public academies, referring on "гляделки" of another's works, on infinite стряпню run that for, against, on the international and other forums, вышибая to themselves of honour, privilege, papers, documents etc., бахвалясь by the lime titles, ranks and posts in public academies and other corporations. At them tens copyright certificates and introductions of the inventions are not known where. But they do not have any formula, neither equation, nor circuit capable by a radical image to change and to transform a perishing planet by infinite energy of a point. Исаак Newton some centuries back are direct ткнул of the man by a nose in this point, though infinity, it is possible then yet has not understood because of an atrocity лжеученых of that epoch which is not allowing even to think without their control. These academicians still live the last afternoon, but gradually and inevitably all the same are retrained, due to presence in their bodies of unrestrained fire of the present scientists, which by anything and never to put out by any энергиями. It is the scientists USSR of the heavy period, when other forces aspiring simply dominated to survive in international бойнях and putting final tasks of concrete works of liquidation послевоенной of ruin, famine, general poverty and illiteracy. Gradually these scientists reject the last fears before the stupid(blunt) governors, such as Грозного ("... Too wings did(made). We have adhered it(him) to a trunk of a gun and have shot. Пущай will do some flying. ") - Сталина, that epoch, which was kept in a history and still partially dominates above minds(wits) of the people. Knowing a history and is real пройдя a way in a part of that epoch, these academicians want, first of all, to create new парадигму. It is a real mistake. At first it is necessary to create not парадигму, and independent sample of energy of a point, sufficient capacity. It is known: " to the God - богово, and кесарю - кесарево ". What for to lose time for attempts to decide(solve) a task абсолюта, not intended for this purpose, forces of the geniuses of the people, if абсолют practically her(it) already has decided(solved) in a general view? The concrete examples of the decision of this task are submitted on a site, but the geniuses so anything and have not understood. Well, these geniuses will steal one more decision, will jump and will again be slapped on guilty ground, on that all and will be terminated, and how many means and time they съедят at the people? Yesterday (in 1994г.) it seemed to these geniuses, that if the author will give them the circuit even from EFFICIENCY = 2, all of them at once will decide(solve) and become the gods. 18 years have passed. The geniuses far have left? Топчутся on a place, writing out tons of a paper with the ingenious decisions and announcing mathematics by empress of sciences. That it is mathematics suddenly expects the future, and than she(it) surpasses practice? By the desires and imaginations on a paper in symbols replacing the simply grammatic offers, moreover in the independent combinations which have been torn off from practice? Besides if works serious, should be open seriously and authors of works, that it was possible with them to communicate for development of general(common) business. The academicians have arrived to the author, have seen the device of electromagnetic energy, capacity hundred Ватт and from EFFICIENCY thirty units, have looked the indications of devices, have felt by the hands real thermal heating тридцатикратной of energy in relation to entrance, have left and somewhere run, though should advance the author, and they advance themselves and children in various directions. And these academicians - best representatives of mankind? The academician is going with the first figures of sciences on the next largest forum, relying on the future opportunities of the large communications(connections) with world(global) figures of a science for progress of works of the author? Hardly. It(he) simply well arranges задницу, leaning(basing) by the consciousness on his(its) works. Some years back it(he) perished, laying on bed, yet has not heard from the author on the phone news about a superjump in energy of a point. The academician at once вскочил from bed, having cried on the phone, that is necessary to move and already has flied up on the top of a science after trip to the author. It in cinema is killed by(with) the professors who has seen from hotel real action of the laser Гарина, and in a reality of the academician not only nobody has touched, and even сверхвысоко have lifted, though it(he) has seen the phenomenon, is indefinitely stronger than the laser Гарина. How many people became the great scientists on works of the author, and that. In poverty. The academician advises it(him) to be represented by the simple engineer, since, ostensibly differently it(him) nobody will understand, if it(he) will show the person of the real absolute god of space. See, what behind the game goes on a planet? Anger "Н" is already boundless and can fall upon the villains an any minute. Only villains run everyone, выворачиваются and лезут to tops of authority. The mankind similar беготню with лазаниями on tops of authorities, observes millions years. But it is last combinations of the villains лазутчиков. The people and gods have the absolutely deformed representation about opportunities and abilities абсолюта, inventing and dreaming the desires of these opportunities. Therefore it is necessary to open subjects of the real attitudes(relations) абсолюта with the gods and people, opportunities, abilities and practice абсолюта on a planet, and in space. The man and god can dream, due to what there is a movement and development, and on the contrary, to movement and development give rise a fantasy of desires and desire to dream. It is necessary always to dream and to show desires, but to investigate, to study and to concern to real objects and subjects with the minimal errors. The known academician has declared on the phone at conversation with the author, that, say "Н" spends миллиВатты of energy for manufacture of global changes in space and on a planet, adjusting a climate of a planet and changing energy of space spaces. The author and "Н" were in boundless indignation on it physics, power, electrical engineer, greatest expert and парапсихолога, гуманитария and philosopher working in теснейшем continuous contact to the most outstanding scientists of a planet. Really all great minds(wits) of a planet so are illiterate, perfectly knowing, that it is impossible to get, not returning, what a principle of indemnification and law of preservation бескомпромиссны and are relentless? The people and gods of a planet rush, not understanding, how "Н" operates gratuitously infinite energy of a point of measurements and simultaneously requires(demands) return of a planet of the charges on losses, which actually ostensibly do not exist. Lose other measurements? Dear visionaries and мыслители! Measurements others it is natural, but whose it is measurements, from which scoops energy "Н" for the works on change of a climate and weather of a planet, and also for change of a rule(situation) астероидов and other space bodies, including a planet and stars? Electronics working with infinite energy of a point of measurements, scoops infinite energy of a point of measurements, which can not make return back energy, taken at them, by this electronics, but take away her(it) from other uncertain measurements. "Н" Not electronics, and absolute god in a human body with uncertain measurements leaving this body for manufacture of the global functions and damaging(injuring) this body by the outputs(exits) from a body, inputs(entrances) in a body, both works with space and planet. The damages are so serious, that require(demand) huge энергий of other kind for restoration of normal functioning of this body. The people and gods it do not know and do not understand. They can only perceive the information from абсолюта about these phenomena, deforming her(it) again by desires and imaginations. For example, they believe, that if "Н" абсолют, that to it(him) is necessary to restore a body энергиями of other measurements? In spite of the fact that the author, and "Н", repeatedly in the works spoke about continuous study of opportunities of management of a body of the man for выполнений of functions абсолюта and even the simple god, the gods both people search for new and new questions for абсолюта, doubting that is valid абсолют is on a planet in a human body, if it(he) is unable from him(it) instantly to operate with space, time and measurements. How many scientists and the gods did not learn(teach), that the energy is proportional to capacity and time, the capacity is proportional to force, and the force is proportional to weight of a body and his(its) acceleration, they and continue to try to break these not broken principles by the imaginations and desires. The scientists and gods be not capable to understand, that the absolute god (абсолют) is an elementary control system by all infinite энергиями, physics, certainly carrying out all these principles, энергий, and therefore it(he) loses also time and energy on performance of any operations, making them is indefinitely more qualitative, than people and gods. Certainly, абсолют is capable to find ways of transformation of space and time with the least losses энергий in the certain measurements, but it(he) nevertheless takes energy them of other measurements, receiving infinite EFFICIENCY of the certain measurement. For the present абсолют "Н" has not learned to receive all infinite substances from electromagnetic energy instantly for подпитки of a body of the man, has not learned instantly to transform directly all infinite kinds энергий of other measurements to infinite kinds энергий of a human body. It(he) can learn this in any instant, but while this instant has not come(stepped). To it(him) it is especial and it is not necessary. It is necessary for the owner of a body, in which it(he) is, yes to mankind. See, the people and gods, as far as even elementary processes are complex(difficult), and do not dream impossible desires without the account of realities. Certainly, the time and space can be changed, but even абсолют can only operate infinity, which work also only in view of time and energy. "Н" Conversed on August 22 2010г. with the known deputy of Russia, which is the deserved inventor having more hundreds of the inventions in the field of электронно-computer facilities. The deputy has told, that "Н" should complete an independent sample of infinite energy of a point of measurements and has advised to address to сильнейшему to the scientist USSR and Russia. Is found out, that now it is necessary decades to train сильнейших of the scientists and engineers. It сильнейшего the scientist should long be trained under a kind of the proof of infinite energy. "Н" already so much decades have spent for training to this direction сверстников, employees and scientists, that it(him) did not consider(count) психом, that there is no opportunity on the further loss of the health, which has stayed in small quantity(amount) more simply. Last twenty years "Н" has spent in this direction on most outstanding мыслителя of free energy, which is the known academician represented frequently on a site. This academician even saw тридцатикратный EFFICIENCY of the author. Well also what? Twenty years " козе under a tail ". The academician - физик, энергетик and electrical engineer. All understands, sees, knows. Now it(he) requires(demands), that the author should have organized solid and authoritative firm with the huge capital, then the academician will arrive in it(her) by the independent expert. That will be required сильнейший by(with) scientific USSR and Russia, after subsequent of twenty years of training, if will live also it(he), and author so much? Can, "Н" and author, will find the incomparably best decisions? Any years can not be any more. It is necessary to decide(solve) all tasks still yesterday 13:06 26.08.2010г. "Н" Is convinced, during sixty years of the presence(finding) of a human body, that it(he) is used by(with) the ruthless geniuses the people, as well as all gods coming on a planet in human bodies, extorting from them energy and information under a kind of the proofs. At receipt in КАИ on радиофак in 1968г. "Н" has shown, that is stronger than all geniuses in hundred fifty time, deciding(solving) in hundred fifty time per day it is more competitive сложнейших of tasks per day, than best geniuses from the geniuses. "Н", except for sciences КАИ, wrote verses and songs, was engaged in boxing and all kinds of struggle, heavy athletics and football, hockey, volleyball and chess, studied Soviet both foreign technical and fiction, history, philosophy. It(he) investigated theoretically and practically music, photo, авто - motor-engineering, планеризм, radioelectronics, building business and weight of other directions at a highest level. About it(him) there were legends. Quite often to it(him) the unfamiliar people of a legend about it(him) told, not knowing, whom tell to. The supergeniuses of a planet, seeing the infinite superiority "Н", searched for variants of his(its) use for the purposes of authority and profit. "Н" it is all saw, felt and understood. This мразь was opposite to it(him) up to беспредела, but she(it) was at authority even before arrival "Н" on a planet and with this мразью the long struggle was coming, since this мрази was enough on a planet and she(it) believed, that nothing in a condition to resist to it(her) anybody and. She(it) has calculated, that gas and petroleum to mankind will suffice almost on two thousand years and impudently worked against mankind, having grasped the control above gas and petroleum with the help of the weapon of mass destruction, ruthlessly exterminating the gods and people with brutal methods of swapping of energy of intellectual work, carrying away their bluffs of compensations for opening and inventions. To the beginning 1991г. "Н" " gives out on a mountain " opening " effect of algebraic division ", allowing to decide(solve) absolutely any tasks. It(he) registers this opening in the appropriate department USSR, relying on honesty of the governors of a planet and КПСС. Мразь - the geniuses of a planet instantly estimate conditions and immediately arrange putsch ГКЧП in Moscow. The committee of opening is closed also diplomas on opening do not give out. In any outcome provided to break in USSR all mechanisms allowing honourly and irrespective of this мрази to exist "Н" in a human body. Политбюро and ЦК КПСС were divided(shared) into groups. To the beginning 1991г. "Н" convinces the employee to leave from numbers(lines) КПСС, since it(he) недостоин of a high rank коммуниста, obliged to be honour and capable to operate infinite energy of a point of measurements. "Н" has shown to this employee, that, though itself is not the member КПСС, but it is indefinitely better than any of these members, and members КПСС for some reason корчат from itself коммунистов, being пожирателями of a planet. The employee leaves numbers(lines) КПСС and convinces on партсобрании about correctness of the decision. During putsch of August 19-22 1991г. коммунисты did not begin to follow rules of a vertical of authority in a party(set) and worked on the facts of events, proceeding from the genetic belief and knowledge with researches of a planet on the experience. Ленин at one time learned(taught), that before to incorporate, it is necessary to be demarcated. It(he) then has left structure of the certain party(set), has created the party(set) and has won. Probably effect of development on a spiral has worked and this time. Коммунисты during putsch were demarcated and КПСС самораспустилась with the subsequent acknowledgement(confirmation) of the termination(discontinuance) of its(her) activity, General Secretary ЦК КПСС М.С.Горбачевым. Splinters and the sparks КПСС have created weight of other parties(sets), unions and other public associations. Present коммунисты, were on the party of the people during putsch, irrespective of concrete places of actions, have not allowed путчистам ГКЧП свершить antinational revolution. The people itself chose референдумами the direction of the further life. But мразь - the geniuses have taken advantage выкрутасами, hooks, словоблудиями, infinite meanings(importance) of words, phrases, offers and texts, and is again impudent, inconsiderately and беспринципно взгромоздились in authority, and actually have crept to management of the weapon of mass destruction of the people, have disorganized USSR, plundering indefinitely people and лживо noding on the winners of August 1991г. This мразь requires(demands) from "Н" of distribution of a portable independent sample of infinite energy of a point of measurements, having stolen the previous circuits from EFFICIENCY up to ten units, giving out them for the development and referring on compulsion of the proofs, tries itself to deduce(remove) the new circuits. She(it) hopes on тысячелетние stocks of petroleum and gases, sitting on petroleum and gas pipes, continuously raising the prices for petroleum and gas, that results in proportional increase of the prices on all goods, to a boundless oppression of mankind and makes "Н" to limiting feature of existence in a human body. "Н" Allows the gods of space to change a climate of a planet and to cause space bodies for suppression алчности ingenious мрази, which besides itself загоняет herself in тартар by pollution of a planet and inability to consult(cope) with various world(global) crises. Мразь rushes to the god with prays about the help, but she(it) killed it(him) millions time, millions years, is constant трепясь, that the god will forgive all if to repent. It(he) forgives, but after punishment and elimination мрази. She(it) rushes to create new коммунистические and other parties(sets) new формации, anywhere and on everything, and end one - report for the previous activity appropriate conclusions and awards. Return, поганцы, compensation fixed "Н", and схапанное by you in uncountable money weights, after introduction by a dirty and secret way on development "Н" during many decades. The gods will mix you differently with дерьмом and will spray on space early or late 15:20 27.08.2010г. ........................................................................ The present Gods, Коммунисты and Genius of a planet, in a condition comprehensively to help "Н" with creation автономника and sincerely wish it to make, but the problems of communication(connection) with them "Н", take away and without that нехватающее time, which should at one time nevertheless be spent for these communications(connections). While "Н" creates автономник and searches for these communications(connections), "contestant firms" try to grasp the initiative. They block all information channels by the false information, messages about ostensibly сверхъединичных EFFICIENCY - DEVICES (with 1994г. having stolen bases at the author), block by the messages and letters all channels of state and other financial structures capable to finance of work "Н" and the author, discrediting and профанизируя by mass false works of false works, works "Н" and author. Лжеакадемики shout about necessity of creation парадигм before to address behind the financial help, create open in infinity and others парадигмы (system of knowledge) for сверхъединичных of devices of EFFICIENCY энергий, выуживая the information at "Н". The guys, throw yours мышиные of game. What парадигмы for infinite energy? What all of you mould and мудрите? The infinity of energy requires(demands) infinity of systems of sciences, so also of infinity парадигм. You have not taken possession of functions of the god to create practical devices of infinite EFFICIENCY, and try нагородить конечности with outputs(exits) in infinity. You wish much to speak and to draw symbols with symbols of infinity, i.e. to compose, to dream and to assert(approve), that it is the theory. But, lovely you ours, without practice of the theory is not present, was not, and be can not. The nods of the author on another's examples are not components for reception of the theory, to that, you have looked models at "Н", and it(he) has not permitted(solved) you to use them for the compositions with the purpose of representation by their theories and парадигмами. Do not rattle by empty air. Ходжа Насреддин will pay you for this thunder, звоном of coins. Do not represent mathematics by empress of sciences, since she(it) is the elementary international language translating the text in symbols and the letter, figures and drawings, and on the contrary. Besides this "empress" indefinitely is mistaken even in arithmetics, without consideration infinity энергий of zero, deleting them from the expressions. What to speak about algebra, geometry, other elements of mathematics of high schools and HIGH SCHOOLS? Physics and the other sciences indefinitely use mathematics, дурно indefinitely were mistaken. What парадигмы you наворочаете with these sciences? You will continuously твердить a word парадигма, but from it she(it) will not appear in the necessary kind of infinity, and any point leaves on infinity. Means, having told a word "point", you leave on infinity, i.e. it, on yours already new парадигма? But it is simple bosh. New infinite парадигмы are already created by the author and are published on all planet. In them not an output(exit) on infinity, and real management of infinite energy of a point of measurements. Where you have jumped, the sirs жулики, the infinity of energy of a point of measurements open by works of the author, will return you on праведное a place. efaldiv
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